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“That Winter” by Fred G. Leebron

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Winter has always brought about unpleasant trials for Walter and his family, but this winter in particular tests his beliefs in the meaning of life. As he watches his sister Evelyn struggle with a terminal bone cancer diagnosis, he faces an endless number of questions regarding death. His wife Claire and their two children are his entire world, but he begins to wonder what he would be without them. Who are people without those they love and those who love them? A winter of watching his sweet, loving sister struggle through pain and denial truly makes Walter want to know the answer to these questions.

That Winter

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About the Author
Fred Leebron has published three novels, a short novel, and dozens of short stories; he has also co-edited a Norton anthology and co-authored a textbook. Awards for his writing include a Pushcart Prize and an O.Henry Award. He directs writing programs in Charlotte, Roanoke, Gettysburg and Latin America.
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