Windeye by Brian Evenson, short story book cover artwork

“Windeye” by Brian Evenson

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They spent their childhood playing games, he and his sister, and there was no game more fun than searching for pretend oddities around their bungalow of a house. But when he comes across something too strange to make up, he still feels obligated to his sister’s sense of wonder, and this mysterious discovery could quite possibly be the last game they ever play.


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About the Author
Brian Evenson is the author of a dozen works of fiction, including most recently A Collapse of Horses and The Warren. He received the International Horror Guild Award for his collection The Wavering Knife, the ALA-RUSA Award for his novel Last Days, and is a three-time O. Henry Prize winner. A 2017 Guggenheim Fellow, Evenson lives and works in Valencia, CA.
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