Waiting for the Light by Alison Littlewood, short story book cover artwork

“Waiting for the Light” by Alison Littlewood

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Finn, having lost his job on a farm, is confined to handing out burgers and fries in a booth at a motorway service station. His supervisor asks him to take on the role of checking the footbridge, joining the two sides of the motorway, before leaving his shifts. It is dark and freezing cold on the footbridge, a cold that gets inside Finn like a wave crashing over him. Then he begins to see the woman, dark-haired and sad, at the centre of the bridge, her sense of loss appearing to mirror his own.

Waiting for the Light

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About the Author
Alison Littlewood is the author of A Cold Season, published by Jo Fletcher Books. The novel was selected for the Richard and Judy Book Club, where it was described as ‘perfect reading for a dark winter’s night.’ Her latest novel, The Hidden People, set in Victorian rural society, is about the murder of a young girl suspected of being a changeling. Her other novels include Path of Needles, a dark blend of fairy tales and crime fiction, and The Unquiet House, a ghost story set in the Yorkshire countryside. Alison’s short stories have been picked for several ‘Year’s Best’ anthologies and she won the 2014 Shirley Jackson Award for Short Fiction. She lives in a house of creaking doors and crooked walls, and has a penchant for books on folklore and weird history, Earl Grey tea and semicolons.
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