“Two Brothers” by Brian Evenson

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Daddy Norton has fallen, and broken his leg. He forbids Mama to call an ambulance, for he has had a vision and God will tell him how to proceed. His two boys, Theron and Aurel, watch as his fever grows.
Soon, Daddy Norton is passed, and Mama goes with him.
Theron and Aurel are on their own. Alone in a godless world.
But they have the Beloved Word of Daddy Norton on their side...
Dark and uncompromising, Brian Evenson takes you through a darkness you won't forget soon.

Two Brothers

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About the Author
Brian Evenson is the author of a dozen works of fiction, including most recently A Collapse of Horses and The Warren. He received the International Horror Guild Award for his collection The Wavering Knife, the ALA-RUSA Award for his novel Last Days, and is a three-time O. Henry Prize winner. A 2017 Guggenheim Fellow, Evenson lives and works in Valencia, CA.
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