“Things Unsaid” by Brad C. Hodson

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The boy listens as the Reverend Galbraith relays his ideas on the war in Europe; that it is God's contingency plan to sweep away the sinners and prevent the world from bloating. He looks to his father to see if he is agreeing with the Reverend, thinking all the time of his brother Ralph, sent away to fight.

Things Unsaid

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About the Author
Originally from Knoxville, TN, writer Brad C. Hodson currently hangs his hat in sunny Southern California. His non-fiction has been published in magazines nationwide and his piece on school shootings, “Slaying Dragons: The Positive Effects of Violent Media On Children,” was a runner up for the Kornbluh Award. His short fiction has appeared in anthologies alongside folks like George RR Martin, Chuck Palahniuk, Neil Gaiman, and many more of his literary heroes. He's written scripts for a dozen films you'll never see, including the cult comedy GEORGE'S INTERVENTION. A film adaptation of his first novel DARLING is currently in production.
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