“Them Riders” by Eryk Pruitt

Story Summary

Wilbur Turgow isn't happy at his new neighbors. He complains about the weeds in their yard, spitting fire and brimstone. But Rhonda knows, as the only black family in town, it's not about the weeds. One day, he warns her of the riders, who come to drive out people who don't belong.

Them Riders

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About the Author
Eryk Pruitt is a screenwriter, author and filmmaker living in Durham, NC with his wife Lana and cat Busey. His short films FOODIE and LIYANA, ON COMMAND have won several awards at film festivals across the US. His short fiction appears in The Avalon Literary Review, Pulp Modern, Thuglit, and Zymbol, to name a few. In 2015, he was a finalist for the Derringer Award for his short story "Knockout.". His novel Dirtbags and Hashtag are available in e-book and paperback. He is the host of the radio show "The Crime Scene with Eryk Pruitt" and the Noir at the Bar series in Durham. A full list of credits can be found at erykpruitt.com.
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