The Whirling Circle by Bobbie Ann Mason, short story book cover artwork

“The Whirling Circle” by Bobbie Ann Mason

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Fred needs to become a more relaxed person. He needs to prove to the courts that he is not a man capable of abusing a woman, but he has a problem remembering things. He does not remember what time it is or even if he truly hit his wife. That is why he starts attending the Whirling Circle therapy sessions. Master Kenneth is helping him become a calmer person even if his methods are a little unorthodox. Fred is determined to turn his life around.

The Whirling Circle

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About the Author
She has written four other collections of stories and the novels "Feather Crowns" and "An Atomic Romance." Her most recent novel is "The Girl in the Blue Beret," about World War II and the way it is remembered. She is a member of PEN, the Authors Guild, and the Fellowship of Southern Writers.
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