“The Wavering Knife” by Brian Evenson

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Consumed by the mind-numbing, convoluted philosophies of Eva Gengli, the beneficiary of Eva’s ex-lover begins to forget the man he has been charged to care for. He is positive that if he spends enough time alone with the texts, then he will break Eva’s complex train of thought. His beneficiary is needy. The longer the old man lives, the more attention he requires. He takes away so much of the time this man could be using to study the Gengli writings, but the old man is fading fast. It shouldn’t be too long until he is dead, and his beneficiary is left alone with the woman who controls his every waking thought. That’s all he truly wants—to be alone with Eva. Just the two of them.

The Wavering Knife

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About the Author
Brian Evenson is the author of a dozen works of fiction, including most recently A Collapse of Horses and The Warren. He received the International Horror Guild Award for his collection The Wavering Knife, the ALA-RUSA Award for his novel Last Days, and is a three-time O. Henry Prize winner. A 2017 Guggenheim Fellow, Evenson lives and works in Valencia, CA.
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