“The Sissy Test” by Dennis Milam Bensie

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The Sissy Test

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About the Author
Dennis Milam Bensie’s poem “Eight Ball” was published in Greater National Society of Poets, Inc in 1980 when he was a freshman in high school. It was featured thirty years later in his memoir, Shorn: Toys to Men. Short stories and poetry by Dennis have been featured in numerous publications and his essays have been seen in The Huffington Post, Boys on the Brink, and The Good Men Project. He currently writes a weekly column for Queen Mob’s Tea House called “30 Years a Dresser” about his career working backstage in professional theatre. His second book, One Gay American, was chosen as a finalist in both the Next Generation Indie Book Awards and the Indie Excellence Book Awards. In 2015, Bensie’s latest book Flit: A Poetry Mashup of Classic Literature was featured in Kolaj Magazine and was a part of Tribe Magazine’s “Anti-Shame Week”. The author has been a presenter and panelist at the Saints and Sinners Literary Festival in New Orleans and at Montana’s very first gay pride festival.
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