The Line Forms on the Right by Amanda Gowin, short story book cover artwork

“The Line Forms on the Right” by Amanda Gowin

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Walking home on a particularly dark evening, he sees the gleam of unnecessarily bright pink shoes. The shoes are on one of the most beautiful women he has ever seen, and his instincts take over. Ignoring his conscience, which begs him to return home, he follows the girl down the little alleyway urged forward by her swaying hips. To his disappointment, she turns into a hidden door that leads to one of those dive bars from the movies. The girl sits at the bar drinking alone. He approaches after he is certain she is truly by herself, and the woman captivates him with her charm. His plans for her quickly change, but what are her plans for him?

The Line Forms on the Right

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About the Author
Amanda Gowin is the fiction editor at Menacing Hedge magazine, a columnist at This Is Horror, and author of the collection Radium Girls (Thunderdome Press). Her work has been featured in anthologies and magazines including Gutted: Beautiful Horror and Burnt Tongues. She lives in Appalachia with her husband and son.
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