“The Letters” by Judi Calhoun

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Seth remembers going to the metal works as a child and helping his father programming robots. Seth loved the robots, and loved his father. Since the economic downturn and the new government, the metal works have been turned over to make tools of war, his father is sent to fight, and the robots are crushed and stacked. But on one of Seth's visits to the metal works, he makes a surprising discovery.

The Letters

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About the Author
Judi Calhoun, fictional author and member of N.E. Horror Writers, creates short stories that have appeared in a number of e-zine sites, a few recent ones are: Hungry Coyote, published by PortableNOUNS, Crimson Street.com, and J.L. Rymer, Theme of Absence,. Her fictional short stories published in multiple texts are: The Haunted Coach, Concord Coach Anthology, by Plaidswede pulp fiction series; Murder At The Monitor, Plaidswede Pulp Fiction series Anthology; Blood Hunter, EMP Publishers; Fallon Storm, Visual Adjectives, Superhero Anthology; Sweeney's Dark Tale, Great Old ones Publishing, Pernicious Invaders Anthology—and many more.
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