“The Bond Market” by R.T. Lawton

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Cletis Johnston of Twin Brothers Bail Bonds is unhappy about the FBI's recent ability to catch serious criminals. It isn't good for business. He instructs his bondsman Theodore Dewey on a job to take matters into their own hands, choosing a thief to obtain some valuable Bonds. But the theft goes wrong, and Theodore is left with a sticky situation to deal with.

The Bond Market

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About the Author
R.T. Lawton is a retired federal law enforcement agent, past member of the Mystery Writers of America board of directors and two time Derringer Award nominee. With over 100 short stories in various publications, to include Blood on the Bayou (2016 Bouchercon anthology), The Mystery Box ( 2013 Mystery Writers of America anthology), Who Died in Here? anthology, Deadwood Magazine, Easyriders, Outlaw Biker, Woman's World, and 36 sold to Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine.
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