Woman peeking through purple curtains

“Balancing Act” by N.O.A. Rawle

Jeremy is desperate to marry Clarisse and impress her rich parents. The problem is he is in debt and is vulnerable to snake oil salesman, Du Monde.

man turned away with shirt over shoulder

“Rental” by Jack Murnighan

Every other week, they rent an apartment on airbnb. They choose the listings randomly, show up, and christen everything they can with their desire.

woman with cat on shoulder kneeling

“Forget You” by Marc Laidlaw

Questioning notions of how awake or asleep we are, and the conceit that is sometimes part and parcel with questions regarding love.

Young couple, girl with head on man's shoulder in front of flowers

“Letter to The Lady of The House” by Richard Bausch

John’s 70th birthday has been a day full of frustration and heartache as he and his wife Marie continue their recent habit of bickering over silly things. A little alcohol and a little nostalgia combine to prompt John into writing a truly heartfelt letter for Marie.

adult girl in green dress with large yellow baloon

“Preludes” By Robert Yune

All Jennifer wants is for her electronics tycoon father to love and accept her. She has no plans to take on the family empire, and she’s not even sure what she wants to do in life.