Going To The Big House by Tom Bailey, short story book cover artwork

“Going To The Big House” by Tom Bailey

Willing or not, they came to the Big House because they had no other option. This was where they detoxed, slept it off, and tried again. Everyone has a story and everyone is d…

Dirty by John Affleck, short story book cover artwork

“Dirty” by John Affleck

This is the start of his criminal career, he thinks. He’s a loner, an outsider. Turned eleven, and nobody told him Halloween was meant for dirty tricks, not trick-or-treating….

Word Problem by John Dufresne, short story book cover artwork

“Word Problem” by John Dufresne

Trent X is catching a train out of Westland Station at 7.25am. He is bound for Eastland where he believes his girlfriend Kathy is at home in her condo. He has a surprise for…