The Iron Hut by Maurice Broaddus, short story book cover artwork

“The Iron Hut” by Maurice Broaddus

A mythical story set on an archaeological dig, where a Professor Leopold Watson is attempting to prove the exact location of an ancient city known as Kilwa Kivinjc, which disa…

Thin Shells by JY Yang, short story book cover artwork

“Thin Shells” by JY Yang

Muscle memory tells her that this mysterious female bipedal can unlock the secret of their previous lives . . . and with each touch they remember more.

Word Problem by John Dufresne, short story book cover artwork

“Word Problem” by John Dufresne

Trent X is catching a train out of Westland Station at 7.25am. He is bound for Eastland where he believes his girlfriend Kathy is at home in her condo. He has a surprise for…