Rental by Jack Murnighan, short story book cover artwork

“Rental” by Jack Murnighan

Every other week, they rent an apartment on airbnb. They choose the listings randomly, show up, and christen everything they can with their desire.

Thin Shells by JY Yang, short story book cover artwork

“Thin Shells” by JY Yang

Muscle memory tells her that this mysterious female bipedal can unlock the secret of their previous lives . . . and with each touch they remember more.

Smile by Molly Tanzer, short story book cover artwork

“Smile” by Molly Tanzer

That feeling when you’re sitting in the diner trying to write your Women’s Studies essay and a pudgy grey-haired guy and two young women are playing some kind of erotic game t…

Body Scan by Sara Lippmann, short story book cover artwork

“Body Scan” by Sara Lippmann

Stu and Jess have made too many commitments to turn the car around, and the girls are getting restless in the back seat. As they sit in traffic, Jess can’t help but imagine ho…