“Superpolynomial (The Problem With Salesmen)” by Joshua Chaplinsky

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A salesman wanders the streets in search of the address he has written on a small sheet of paper. The city is vast and confusing. He spends the entire day looking trying to find his way to the address, but no one seems to be of any help. Quite some time has passed since he’s been home, and he is not even sure if his key will still work should he find the correct address. By some miracle, however, he makes his way to the correct apartment. Now he just wonders if the woman inside will invite him in after he's been gone for so long.

Superpolynomial (The Problem With Salesmen)

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About the Author
Joshua Chaplinsky is the Managing Editor of LitReactor.com. He has also written for the popular film site Screen Anarchy and for ChuckPalahniuk.net, the official website of ‘Fight Club’ author Chuck Palahniuk. He is the author of ‘Kanye West—Reanimator.’ His short fiction has appeared in Zetetic, Motherboard, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Thuglit, Dark Moon Digest, Pantheon Magazine, Fabula Argentea, and multiple print anthologies . More info at joshuachaplinsky.com.
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