Story Catalog

Julian Leonard Aaron Not Sure Why
Lee K. Abbott Sweet Cheeks
Rachael Acks They Tell Me There Will Be No Pain
Hector Acosta Doing The Job
Steve Adams Keeper
Steve Adams The Fish
Steve Adams The Language of Flowers
Matthew Addison Bryn Under Hill
Matthew Addison House of Dreams
Matthew Addison Under the Island
Matthew Addison Wish Girls
John Affleck Dirty
John Affleck Game Winner
John Affleck Immaculate Obsession
John Affleck Winter Practice
Henry Alley The Rembrandt Brotherhood
Charlie Jane Anders Break! Break! Break!
Charlie Jane Anders Fairy Werewolf vs. Vampire Zombie
Charlie Jane Anders Palm Strike’s Last Case
Charlie Jane Anders Rat Catcher’s Yellows
Charlie Jane Anders The Master Conjurer
Charlie Jane Anders The Unfathomable Sisterhood of Ick
Kathy Anderson Bull
Sam W. Anderson Dish Time
Sam W. Anderson If Mama Ain’t Happy
Sam W. Anderson, Inc.
Tom Andes Give Me Goodwill Hunting
Tom Andes I Want To Destroy You
Tom Andes The Hit
Jessica Anthony Ronald Reagan
Megan Arkenberg How Many Miles to Babylon?
Megan Arkenberg Lessons from a Clockwork Queen
Megan Arkenberg The Crowgirl
Megan Arkenberg The Huntsman
Megan Arkenberg The Suicide’s Guide to the Absinthe of Perdition
T.G. Arsenault My Aching Black Heart
T.G. Arsenault Sealing the Shadows
T.G. Arsenault The Eighth Day
Bruce Arthurs The Rest Of The Story
Nonnie Augustine All is Ready
Nonnie Augustine Let Me Tell You Something
Nonnie Augustine My Early Thirties
Nonnie Augustine Opera
Sarah Avery How The Grail Came To The Fisher King
Sarah Avery New Jersey’s Top Ghost Tours Reviewed And Rated
Sarah Avery The War Of The Wheat Berry Year
Patrick Shawn Bagley Welcome to Wal-Mart, Motherfucker
Tom Bailey Crow Man
Tom Bailey Going To The Big House
Dale Bailey Lightning Jack’s Last Ride
Tom Bailey Ruby
Dale Bailey Sleep Paralysis
Dale Bailey Snow
Tom Bailey Snow Dreams
Dale Bailey The Children of Hamelin
Dale Bailey The Ministry of the Eye
Tom Bailey This Is Not A Love Story
Tom Bailey Zombies
Stewart C. Baker Fugue in a Minor Key
Stewart C. Baker Images Across a Shattered Sea
Stewart C. Baker The Monsters your Mother Still Asks About
K.C. Ball Coward’s Steel
K.C. Ball Snapshots I Brought Back from the Black Hole
Nathan Ballingrud Skullpocket
Keith Banner Lily Of The Valley
Keith Banner Queers Can’t Hear
Keith Banner The Smallest People Alive
Jess Barber Coma Kings
Rusty Barnes Bleeding Man
Rusty Barnes Harry, Giselle, Joyce
Rusty Barnes Monongahela Run
Rusty Barnes Nights In Paradise
Rusty Barnes O Saddam!
Rusty Barnes The Mexican Pepsi DoubleCross
Rusty Barnes Two Grand
Matthew Barrett Kiss Away the Bruises
Matthew Barrett The Chinese Restaurant
Olivia Bartholomew Artistic License
Christopher Barzak Paranormal Romance
Christopher Barzak The Trampling
Barry Basden Fracking
Barry Basden Rags
Barry Basden Saying It with Flowers
Joe Baumann The World Falls Down Around You
Richard Bausch Letter to The Lady of the House
Richard Bausch Map-Reading
Richard Bausch The Bridge To China
Brett Beach Benefit
Jensen Beach Just Like That Tobias Was a Hurricane
Jensen Beach Ritual
Jensen Beach Sweet Water
Geoffrey Becker Eagle, Globe and Anchor
Michael Beeman Chantella
Michael Beeman The Sleeping Saints
Hugh Behm-Steinberg Origin Story
Hugh Behm-Steinberg Superstuff
Hugh Behm-Steinberg Taylor Swift
Helena Bell Mouth
Helena Bell Robot
Helena Bell When We Were Giants
Dennis Milam Bensie Cornstalks
Dennis Milam Bensie The Sissy Test
Dennis Milam Bensie The Vest
Steve Berman Persimmon, Teeth, and Boys
Steve Berman The Unsolved “Case of the Club Tarrare”
Steve Berman Thimbleriggery and Fledglings
Simon Bestwick Dermot
Simon Bestwick Lex Draconis
Simon Bestwick Never Say Goodbye
Simon Bestwick The Moraine
Simon Bestwick The Narrows
Terry Bisson Hole Foods
CL Bledsoe Ladybugs Are Good Luck
CL Bledsoe Rats
CL Bledsoe Ray’s Sea World
Hal Bodner Gingerbread
Hal Bodner Hot Tub
Hal Bodner Virtuoso
Brooke Bolander And You Shall Know Her By The Trail Of Dead
Brooke Bolander Her Words Like Hunting Vixens Spring
Brooke Bolander Sun Dogs
Brooke Bolander The Beasts of the Earth, the Madness of Men
Max Booth III Black
Max Booth III Blood Dust
Max Booth III Fish
Max Booth III Plan B
Max Booth III Video Nasties
Desirina Boskovich Construction Project
Desirina Boskovich Dear Owner of This 1972 Ford Crew Cab Pickup
Desirina Boskovich Deus Ex Arca
Richard Bowes Fordham Court
Richard Bowes The Duchess And The Ghost
Richard Bowes There’s A Hole In The City
Greg Boyd Horny
Greg Boyd Pandora’s Other Box
William Boyle Here Come the Bells
William Boyle Poor Box
Lisa Brackmann Don’t Feed The Bums
Darin Bradley ‘Seng, Running
Darin Bradley Fairyland
Ryan W. Bradley Glaciers
Ryan W. Bradley Mammoth
Ryan W. Bradley Role Play
Darin Bradley Syntagm
Darin Bradley The Dust and the Red
Ryan W. Bradley The Pit Bull’s Tooth
Daniel Braum A Girl’s Guide
Daniel Braum Hard as Stone
Daniel Braum Hunting the Tasmanian Tiger
Daniel Braum Music of the Spheres
Chaz Brenchley Master Eld, His Wayzgoose
Chaz Brenchley Scouting For Boys
Steve Brewer Limbo
Susie Bright The Best She Ever Had
Maurice Broaddus Rainfall
Maurice Broaddus The Iron Hut
Kevin Brockmeier The Invention of Separate People
Paul Brownsey God’s Own Country
Paul Brownsey The Uses Of Literature
Paul Brownsey True In My Fashion
Mark Budman For The Birds
Mark Budman My Fairest Lady
Mark Budman The Painter’s Wife
Mark Budman Three Strikes
Stace Budzko Blades
Stace Budzko North End, 2010
Stace Budzko Suppose
Stace Budzko Why We Will Always Love You, Vera Knightville
Lucy Burdette Disturbance In The Field
Lucy Burdette The Itinerary
‘Nathan Burgoine Hometown Boy
‘Nathan Burgoine Sky Blue
‘Nathan Burgoine Sweet William
Kealan Patrick Burke Mr. Goodnight
Kealan Patrick Burke She Comes
Kealan Patrick Burke The Grief Frequency
Kealan Patrick Burke The Red Light Is Blinking
Janet Burroway Saving Bambi
Janet Burroway The Mandelbrot Set
Tara Isabella Burton Blackout
Brendan C. Byrne The Glassblower
Martin Cahill It Was Never The Fire
Judi Calhoun Brick Wall
Judi Calhoun Dragon Girl Star Zenith
Judi Calhoun The Letters
Ramsey Campbell At Lorn Hall
Bonnie Jo Campbell Boar Taint
Michael Canfield Scaffold
Michael Canfield The Boy in the Green Dress
Emily Carpenter Delsa Redecorates
Emily Carpenter Other Gods
Jeff C. Carter It Ain’t Easy Being Green
Jeff C. Carter Stranglers in the Night
Jeff C. Carter Sturm und Drang
Jeff C. Carter With Their Eyes All Aglow
Brian Castleberry Monte Carlo
Brian Castleberry Usability Expert
Emily B. Cataneo The Emerald Coat and Other Wishes
Vajra Chandrasekera Documentary
Vajra Chandrasekera The Sill And The Dike
Dan Chaon Sophomore, 19, is School Year’s First Fatality
Dan Chaon That’s Him! That’s the Guy!
Joshua Chaplinsky Superpolynomial (The Problem With Salesmen)
Joshua Chaplinsky Twice Amputated Foot
Joshua Chaplinsky Wisdom of the Father
Dale Chase Supertaster
Jimmy Chen Buddhist Rapist
Jimmy Chen Let There Be
Sarah M. Chen Pig Boy
Sarah M. Chen The Donut Dealer
Jimmy Chen The Unrealistic Philosopher
Peter Cherches A Man Who Loved to Polka
Peter Cherches Dissatisfaction
Peter Cherches Double Date
Tom Cho The Bodyguard
Greta Christina A Live One
Greta Christina Deprogramming
Greta Christina Impact
Greta Christina View from the Fourteenth Floor
John Chu Hold-time Violations
John Chu Influence Isolated, Make Peace
Maggie Clark Saying The Names
Brock Clarke The Slim Jim
Craig Clevenger Act of Contrition
Joe Clifford Red Pistachios
Christopher Coake You Would Have Told Me Not To
Angel Luis Colón First Timer’s Club
Angel Luis Colón Gearotica
Angel Luis Colón My Heart Died on Blackrock Ave
Angel Luis Colón Separation Anxiety
Sheldon Lee Compton After a Certain Point, You’ve Got to Name the Bird
Sheldon Lee Compton Drugs, Rock and Roll and Sex or Three Things That Go Together Like Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll
Sheldon Lee Compton Intruder
Sheldon Lee Compton More Sideways Than Up
Sheldon Lee Compton Seven Drums
Sheldon Lee Compton Some Place Like Destin
Sheldon Lee Compton Somebody Take Care of Little Walter
Sheldon Lee Compton Textbook
Sheldon Lee Compton The Same Terrible Storm
Sheldon Lee Compton The Visitors
Jen Conley Finn’s Missing Sister
Jen Conley Home Invasion
Jen Conley Metalhead Marty in Love
Tina Connolly On the Eyeball Floor
Tina Connolly Super-Baby-Moms Group Saves the Day!
Tina Connolly That Seriously Obnoxious Time I Was Stuck at Witch Rimelda’s One Hundredth Birthday Party
Erica Conrick Backhand
Erica Conrick Get Behind Me Satan
Erica Conrick Platform 113
Erica Conrick The Queen of Exit 17
Bill Cook For a Moment She Thought
Bill Cook Little Witches
Bill Cook Salted Apricots
Stephen Cooper Dr. Herschel Henry and Son – Fingerprint Experts
Stephen Cooper Rifkin Rising
Stephen Cooper The Submariner
Jean Copeland Jamie’s Journey
Jean Copeland Nightingale
Haddayr Copley-Woods Desires of Houses
David Corbett Dead By Christmas
David Corbett Pretty Little Parasite
David Corbett The Axiom Of Choice
David Corbett The Thirteenth Bride of Charlie Barnet
Dale Corvino Drowned River
George Cotronis Blackbird Lullaby
George Cotronis Darkhorse Actual
George Cotronis Last Rites
F. Brett Cox Maria Works at Ocean City Nails
Michael Craft Frog Legs
Sean Craven Easy Off
Meriah L. Crawford It Tore the Laugh from My Throat
Meriah L. Crawford Right Where She Wants Him
Michael Croley Satellites
Tom Crosshill Fragmentation or Ten Thousand Goodbyes
Tom Crosshill Mama, We are Zhenya, Your Son
Libby Cudmore How to Murder Your Friends
Libby Cudmore The PI’s Wife
Jameson Currier Fearless
Jameson Currier Snow
Jameson Currier Someone Like You
Jameson Currier The Dinner Party
Jameson Currier The Learning Curve
Joseph D’Agnese Bloody Signorina
Joseph D’Agnese Harm and Hammer
Joseph D’Agnese How Lil’ Jimmie Beat the Big C
Graham J. Darling Jon Carver of Barzoon, You Misunderstood
Nadine Darling Oregon
Hilary Davidson A Hopeless Case
Hilary Davidson A Special Kind of Hell
Hilary Davidson Magpie
Hilary Davidson The Siege
Janet Dawson Slayer Statute
Janet Dawson Voice Mail
Craig DeLancey Openshot
Craig DeLancey RedKing
Craig DeLancey The Ediacaran Machine
Kristi DeMeester Daughters of Hecate
Kristi DeMeester Like Feather, Like Bone
Kristi DeMeester My Sister’s Omen
Kristi DeMeester To Sleep in the Dust of the Earth
A.M. Dellamonica A Key to the Illuminated Heretic
A.M. Dellamonica The Cage
A.M. Dellamonica Wild Things
Karen Dent A Case To Die For
Roxanne Dent A Christmas Tale
Roxanne Dent Miss Luella’s Magic Shop
Karen Dent The Death of Honeysuckle Rose
Roxanne Dent The Ghost on Coffin Street
Karen Dent The Last Day of Death
Marcy Dermansky Adults at Home
Marcy Dermansky An Owl Story – Or, Are You My Father?
Marcy Dermansky Clean Sheets
Janet Desaulniers After Rosa Parks
Janet Desaulniers Never, Ever, Always
Paul Di Filippo Backup Man
Paul Di Filippo Faster Now
Seth Dickinson A Tank Only Fears Four Things
Trevor Dodge A Beginner’s Guide to Leet
Trevor Dodge Dear That Lane Bryant Girl
Trevor Dodge Notch
Damian Dressick Cleanliness
Damian Dressick Four Hard Facts About Water
Damian Dressick Life Lesson
Peter Dubé Cerberus
Peter Dubé Vision
John Dufresne A Wild Night and a New Road
John Dufresne Jamokes
John Dufresne Mr. Big Shot
John Dufresne The Cross-Eyed Bear
John Dufresne The Timing of Unfelt Smiles
John Dufresne Word Problem
Molia Dumbleton Blue Nude
Molia Dumbleton On Federal Hill
Molia Dumbleton Top 7 Bible Facts
Hal Duncan Sic Him, Hellhound! Kill! Kill!
Hal Duncan The Behold of the Eye
Stuart Dybek Brisket
Stuart Dybek Cordoba
Stuart Dybek Fiction
Stuart Dybek Lights
Stuart Dybek Paper Lantern
Sean Eads Riveter
Sean Eads The Revenge of Oscar Wilde
Scott Edelman Petrified
Scott Edelman The Last Supper
Scott Edelman What Will Come After
Pia Z. Ehrhardt Brides
Pia Z. Ehrhardt Carnivale
Pia Z. Ehrhardt I Thought IHOP Had More Syrup Flavors
Janice Eidus Elvis, Axl, And Me
Janice Eidus Vito Loves Geraldine
Amal El-Mohtar Madeleine
Amal El-Mohtar Pockets
Amal El-Mohtar The Lonely Sea in the Sky
Amal El-Mohtar The Truth About Owls
Amal El-Mohtar To Follow the Waves
Spencer Ellsworth Fires of Mercy
Edward M. Erdelac Black Tallow
Edward M. Erdelac Spearfinger
Edward M. Erdelac The Blood Bay
Edward M. Erdelac The Exclusive
Corwin Ericson Seagum
Brian Evenson A Collapse of Horses
Brian Evenson And Yet
Brian Evenson Maternity
Brian Evenson Mudder Tongue
Brian Evenson Past Reno
Brian Evenson The Blood Drip
Brian Evenson The Wavering Knife
Brian Evenson Two Brothers
Brian Evenson Windeye
JG Faherty Where Have You Gone, David Mullins?
JG Faherty Yule Cat
Dave Farland Against Eternity
Dave Farland Dead Blue
Dave Farland Hellfire on the High Frontier
Grant Faulkner Foggy Days
Grant Faulkner Heat
Grant Faulkner The Filmmaker – Eight Takes
Grant Faulkner Theories
Grant Faulkner Us
L.A. Fields Exit Signs
L.A. Fields Like Ribbons
Marc E. Fitch Altar Boys
Marc E. Fitch Tommy, Who Loved to Laugh
Sherrie Flick A Crowd
Sherrie Flick Gravity
Sherrie Flick How I Left Ned
Sherrie Flick Mind Body Heart Lungs
Sherrie Flick Theft
Matthew Fogarty Fireworks
Matthew Fogarty Resolution
Douglas Ford A Thief In The Night
Douglas Ford Ape In The Ring
Jeffrey Ford Glass Eels
Martin Foreman Judy
Martin Foreman Room With No View
Martin Foreman Ten Million Years
Guy Mark Foster The Affair
Guy Mark Foster The Confessions of John-Paul Simmons
Guy Mark Foster This Man and Me
Thaisa Frank Henna
Thaisa Frank Poland
Thaisa Frank Stories We Began to Tell
Thaisa Frank The New Thieves
Thaisa Frank The Train to the End of the World
Tom Franklin Christians
Emily Franklin Come See Exciting Delaware
Emily Franklin Identity of an Operation
Emily Franklin Issues in Backyard Gardening
Tom Franklin Poachers
Tom Franklin The Safety Man
Taiyo Fujii Violation of the TrueNet Security Act
John R. Fultz The Taste of Starlight
Avital Gad-Cykman Fire. Water.
Avital Gad-Cykman Parallel Lines
Avital Gad-Cykman The Choice
David Galef Guests
David Galef Mistress Morpheus
Kate Galey Emergency Repair
James Alan Gardner Muffin Explains Teleology To The World At Large
James Alan Gardner Three Damnations – A Fugue
Rosie Garland The Purple Wallpaper
Megan Giddings Aileen
Megan Giddings Last Meals
Megan Giddings The Alive Sister
Megan Giddings The Brothers Wham!
Craig Laurance Gidney Circus Boy Without A Safety Net
Craig Laurance Gidney Magpie Sisters
Craig Laurance Gidney Strange Alphabets
S.L. Gilbow Alarms
S.L. Gilbow Mr. Hill’s Death
S.L. Gilbow Red Card
Molly Giles Bad Dog
Molly Giles My X
Molly Giles Seahorse Sex
Courtney Gillette Love For The Bomb
Courtney Gillette Never Have I Ever
Lisa Goldstein Sawing
Michael Paul Gonzalez Choking Hazard
Michael Paul Gonzalez How The Light Gets In
Michael Paul Gonzalez Worth The Having
Rigoberto González A Doomed Gay Marriage
Rigoberto González Lucky P
Daphne Gottlieb Compliant
Daphne Gottlieb The Actresses Who Played You Weren’t Half As Pretty
Daphne Gottlieb Tiger Trap
Amanda Gowin Gilded Bones
Amanda Gowin Short Tendon
Amanda Gowin The Line Forms on the Right
Amanda Gowin Trotlines
Taylor Grant A Whiter Shade of Christmas
Taylor Grant Lust For Life
Taylor Grant The Infected
Elizabeth Graver Between
Elizabeth Graver Islands Without Names
Elizabeth Graver The Mourning Door
Michael Graves From Kissing
Michael Graves Seahorse
Caspian Gray An Army of Angels
Caspian Gray Centipede Heartbeat
Caspian Gray The King of Ashland County
Alex Grecian Unknown Caller
Judith Green A Good, Safe Place
Judith Green Dark
Judith Green Hit And Run
Sacchi Green Pleasures with Rough Strife
Sacchi Green Sgt. Rae
Judith Green Sneaker Wave
Sacchi Green The Bridge
Sacchi Green The Heart of the Storm
Eric Gregory The Harrowers
Eric Gregory The Sympathy
Brodie Lee Gress A Room Apart
Darrell Z. Grizzle The Bag in the Corner
Austin Grossman Professor Incognito Apologizes – An Itemized List
Austin Grossman The Fresh Prince of Gamma World
Eric J. Guignard A Case Study in Natural Selection and How It Applies to Love
Eric J. Guignard Dreams of a Little Suicide
Eric J. Guignard Last Days of the Gunslinger, John Amos
Saki H. H. MUNRO Sredni Vashtar
Jennifer Haigh In Other Words
Jennifer Haigh Paramour
Joshua Harmon Rope
Joshua Harmon The Legend of Jimmy Frye
Jonathan Harper No More Heroes
Jonathan Harper Repossession
Rob Hart Confessions of a Taco Truck Owner
Rob Hart Creampuff
Rob Hart Foodies
Rob Hart How To Make The Perfect New York Bagel
Rob Hart Peaked
Rob Hart The Woman From Prague, Chapter 1 & 2
Rose Hartley No Other Men in Mitchell
Jaye Hawking Unribboned
Trebor Healey A Boy and His Dog
Trebor Healey The Mercy Seat
Trebor Healey The Pancake Circus
Kyle Hemmings Black Swamp
Kyle Hemmings Is There Life on Mars?
Kyle Hemmings King Otto, the Ex-Priest
Kyle Hemmings The Brando Method Thing #3 – Sal Mineo on Watching Brando at the Actors Studio
Kyle Hemmings Yucatan
Berrien C. Henderson Let Baser Things Devise
Berrien C. Henderson Submitting the Abyss
Berrien C. Henderson The Girl in the Green Sequined Dress
Berrien C. Henderson The Jisei of Mark VIII
Berrien C. Henderson They Shall Falter Against the Stone I Become
Vicki Hendricks Must Bite!
Vicki Hendricks ReBecca
Grady Hendrix Mofongo Knows
Grady Hendrix Transcript of Interaction Between Astronaut Mike Scudderman and the OnStar Hands-Free AI Crash Advisor
James Robert Herndon Bodies are the Strongest Conductors
James Robert Herndon Mammals
Greg Herren The Email Always Pings Twice
Jude Higgins Are We Nearly There?
Jude Higgins Electric
Jude Higgins Thirsty
Joseph Allen Hill We’ll Be Together Forever
Joseph Allen Hill You Can’t See It ‘Til It’s Finished
Steve Hockensmith Dear Dr. Watson
Steve Hockensmith Erie’s Last Day
Steve Hockensmith Tricks
Brad C. Hodson Il Donnaiolo
Brad C. Hodson The Other Patrick
Brad C. Hodson The Scottish Play
Brad C. Hodson Things Unsaid
Cary Holladay Hay Season
Tiff Holland Betty Superman
Tiff Holland First Husband
Tiff Holland Wrapping Kevin
Andrew Hook A Preview Of Coming Attractions
Andrew Hook Blood For Your Mother
Andrew Hook Sarcoline
Andrew Hook Vole Mountain
Kenneth Mark Hoover Phaedra
Kat Howard Breaking the Frame
Kat Howard Choose Your Own Adventure
Kat Howard Returned
Kat Howard The Universe, Sung in Stars
Adam Howe Bad John
Adam Howe Clean-Up On Aisle 3
Adam Howe The Mad Butcher of Plainfield’s Chariot of Death
S.W. Hubbard House of Horrors
S.W. Hubbard Mad Blood
Rhys Hughes The Guided Tour
Gabino Iglesias Catface
Gabino Iglesias Drowned Butterfly
Gabino Iglesias Forgotten Plans
Gabino Iglesias La Frontera Redux
Gabino Iglesias Skiddle
Gabino Iglesias Soricidae amoris
Gabino Iglesias The Lie
Dayna Ingram Seneca Falls – First Recorded Outbreak of Strain Z
Christopher Irvin Federales
Christopher Irvin Lupe’s Lemon Elixir
Alex Irvine One Hundred Sentences About the City of the Future, A Jeremiad
Alex Irvine Shad’s Mess
Alex Irvine The Dream Curator
Christopher Isherwood Berlin Diary (Autumn 1930)
Daniel M. Jaffe The Kiss
Matthew Jakubowski Flowers Floating Past
Matthew Jakubowski Killing Off Ray Apada
Matthew Jakubowski The Good-Bye Window
G. Winston James Church
G. Winston James Storm
Alex Jeffers A Handbook For The Castaway
Alex Jeffers Captain Of The World
Paul Jessup Summer Cannibals
Tim Johnston Dirt Men
Tim Johnston Irish Girl
Carole Johnstone Gettin’ High
Carole Johnstone Signs of the Times
Carole Johnstone Wetwork
Scott R. Jones Assemblage Point
Rachael K. Jones Charlotte Incorporated
Rachael K. Jones Makeisha In Time
Stephen Graham Jones Silent Game
Stephen Graham Jones The Parable of the Gun
Scott R. Jones The Transition of Toby the Twitch
Scott R. Jones Turbulence
Kate Jonez A Thousand Stitches
Kate Jonez All the Day You’ll Have Good Luck
Kate Jonez Ceremony of Flies
Petra Jorgsdottir Macrophilia
R. J. Joseph A Woman’s Work
Vylar Kaftan Civilization
Vylar Kaftan I’m Alive, I Love You, I’ll See You in Reno
Rahul Kanakia Here Is My Thinking On A Situation That Affects Us All
Rahul Kanakia The Girl Who Escaped From Hell
Kirsten Kaschock Culture Bound
Kirsten Kaschock The Critique
Kirsten Kaschock Zephire et Flore – A Love Story
Will Kaufman Things You Can Buy for a Penny
Thomas Kearnes I Will Forget the Sound of His Voice
David James Keaton Bad Hand Acting
David James Keaton Fasten Your Meat Belts
David James Keaton Nine Cops Killed for a Goldfish Cracker
David James Keaton Schrödinger’s Rat
David James Keaton Shock Collar
Brian Keene The Ghosts Of Monsters
James Patrick Kelly Itsy Bitsy Spider
Jake Kerr Biographical Fragments of the Life of Julian Prince
Jake Kerr Requiem in the Key of Prose
Jake Kerr The Old Equations
Roy Kesey At the Pizza Hut, the Girls Build Their Towers
Roy Kesey Calisthenics
Roy Kesey Flies
Roy Kesey Hat
Roy Kesey Picture
Rajan Khanna Card Sharp
Rajan Khanna Second Hand
Nancy Kilpatrick Blue-Blood Moon
Nancy Kilpatrick Metal Fatigue
Nancy Kilpatrick The Case of the Demon Lover
Brian Knight A Face Full of Ugly
Brian Knight Big Trouble in Little Boots
Brian Knight Zombie A Go-Go
Kathe Koja Baby
Kathe Koja Remnants
Kathe Koja The Neglected Garden
Nik Korpon Alex and the Music Box
Nik Korpon Intersections
Nik Korpon Old Ghosts
Ted Kosmatka In-fall
Ted Kosmatka The One Who Isn’t
Geeta Kothari Crossing Cabot Strait
Geeta Kothari Dharma Farm
Geeta Kothari Small Bang Only
Karl Koweski Blood and Greasepaint At The Tombstone Bar and Grille
Karl Koweski Sons of the Confederacy
Karl Koweski The Shirt Off Your Back
Karl Koweski The Sunny Brook Retreat
Matthew Kressel Demon In Aisle 6
Matthew Kressel The Meeker And The All-Seeing Eye
Matthew Kressel The Sounds Of Old Earth
Len Kuntz Absolute Trouble
Len Kuntz Missing Chance
Len Kuntz Mockingbird
Len Kuntz You
Ed Kurtz A Good Marriage
Ed Kurtz The Trick
Carrie Laben Dare the Ghosts
Carrie Laben Postcards from Natalie
Marc Laidlaw Bonfires
Marc Laidlaw Forget You
Marc Laidlaw Liberty
Marc Laidlaw The Finest, Fullest Flowering
Sandra Gail Lambert In A Chamber of My Heart
Sandra Gail Lambert Marine Biology
Sandra Gail Lambert Spanish Lessons
Geoffrey A. Landis Old Tingo’s Penis
Jeff Landon Electricity
Jeff Landon Five Guys In A Hot Tub
Jeff Landon Mix Tape
Sarah Langan Afterlife
Sarah Langan Family Teeth Part 6 St. Polycarp’s Home For Happy Wanderers
Sarah Langan Hindsight
Sarah Langan Sacred Cows
Stephen Langlois Our Boyfriends
Sonya Larson Gabe Dove
Rich Larson Ice
Sonya Larson It’s Better To Be Lucky Than Good
Rich Larson Let’s Take This Viral
Rich Larson Meshed
Sonya Larson Q County Colored Penitentiary
Rich Larson Sparks Fly
Rich Larson The King in the Cathedral
Scott Laughlin Erogenous Zone
Scott Laughlin Lisbon
Scott Laughlin Saint Petersburg
R.T. Lawton On The Edge
R.T. Lawton The Big Bail Out
R.T. Lawton The Bond Market
R.T. Lawton The Bond Servant
R.T. Lawton The Bond That Keeps
R.T. Lawton The Delivery
R.T. Lawton The Little Nogai Boy
Yoon Ha Lee Flower, Mercy, Needle, Chain
Yoon Ha Lee Knight of Chains, Deuce of Stars
Yoon Ha Lee The Graphology of Hemorrhage
Fred G. Leebron Grad School
Fred G. Leebron Lovelock
Fred G. Leebron That Winter
Fred G. Leebron That Year Off
Fred G. Leebron The Exchange Student
Fred G. Leebron The Idiot, or Life in Wartime
Fred G. Leebron When It’s You
Tim Lees Never Christmas
Tim Lees RIF
Tim Lees Storm The Gates Of Heaven
Tim Lees The Bigfoot House
Tim Lees Up There
Terri Leker Holiday
Shaun Levin The Man in the Pool
Shaun Levin The Opposite of Home
Shaun Levin The Whole Bloody Story Of My Life From Beginning To End
Robert Levy DST – Fall Back
E.J. Levy I, Spy
E.J. Levy The Best Way Not to Freeze
E.J. Levy Theory of Dramatic Action
E.J. Levy Theory of the Leisure Class
Samuel Ligon Cleavage
Samuel Ligon Down on the Ass Farm
Samuel Ligon Drift and Swerve
Samuel Ligon The Little Goat
Karin Lin-Greenberg Fine Arts
Karin Lin-Greenberg Paying By Check
Karin Lin-Greenberg Small Worlds
Karin Lin-Greenberg The Splashing Carp
Marissa Lingen On the Acquisition of Phoenix Eggs (Variant)
Sara Lippmann Body Scan
Sara Lippmann Everyone Has Your Best Interests at Heart
Sara Lippmann Jew
Sara Lippmann Let All the Restless Creatures Go
Alison Littlewood Waiting for the Light
Tsaurah Litzky Greek Sex
Tsaurah Litzky The Razor
Tsaurah Litzky The Third Party
Tsaurah Litzky The Witch Of Jerome Avenue
Ken Liu Memories of My Mother
Ken Liu Mono no aware
Ken Liu Paper Menagerie
Ken Liu Real Artists
Ken Liu Regarding The Ken Liu Collection
Ken Liu The Bookmaking Habits of Select Species
Chip Livingston Don’t Tell Me
Chip Livingston Jo-Jo’s Three Cents
Livia Llewellyn It Feels Better Biting Down
Rochita Loenen-Ruiz Magnifica Angelica Superable
Jack London To Build a Fire
Ben Loory The Octopus
Ben Loory The Well
Robert Lopez Anytime, Sweet
Robert Lopez One of my Daughters is called Resnick
Robert Lopresti Crow’s Feat
Robert Lopresti The Present
Vincent Louis Carrella 600 Seconds
Vincent Louis Carrella The Serpent Box and the Poison Jar
Kathryn Louise Death and the Blue Blood Blues
Sean Lovelace Elvis Presley Visits His Red Harley
Sean Lovelace I Love Bocce
Sean Lovelace Meteorite
Karin Lowachee Machine
Karin Lowachee Nomad
Karin Lowachee The Bleach
Karin Lowachee The Forgotten Ones
Karin Lowachee This Ink Feels Like Sorrow
Adrian Ludens Four Houses Down, on the Bad Side of Town
Adrian Ludens Slay It Forward
Adrian Ludens The Monster’s Leather Apron
Will Ludwigsen Acres of Perhaps
Will Ludwigsen And Justice for Doll
Will Ludwigsen Bingo
Will Ludwigsen In Search Of
Bracken MacLeod Can I Whisper It?
Bracken MacLeod Conscience Of A Camera
Morgana MacLeod Hungry As The Deep
Catherine MacLeod Mache
Morgana MacLeod Psychobilly 5 & Dime
Catherine MacLeod Sideshow
Bracken MacLeod Sky Burial
Catherine MacLeod Tongue
Carmen Maria Machado Descent
Carmen Maria Machado Help Me Follow My Sister Into the Land of the Dead
Carmen Maria Machado Horror Story
Carmen Maria Machado Observations About Eggs from the Man Sitting Next to Me on a Flight from Chicago, Illinois to Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Carmen Maria Machado Promise Me
Carmen Maria Machado The Husband Stitch
Nick Mamatas Arbeitskraft
Nick Mamatas Exit Through the Gift Shop
Nick Mamatas Thy Shiny Car In The Night
Nick Mamatas We Never Sleep
Becky Mandelbaum Bald Bear
Becky Mandelbaum Kansas Boys
Becky Mandelbaum Thousand-Dollar Decoy
Jeff Mann Demon Seed
Jeff Mann The Painters
Jeff Mann Tommy Cleburne
Jeff Mann Winter Fantasia With Captive Cub
John Mantooth A Long Fall Into Nothing
John Mantooth Halloween Comes to County Rd. Seven
John Mantooth The Spirit Moves
John Mantooth The Water Tower
Ari Marmell Heavy Sulfur
Chris Marrs A Chimera’s Tale
Chris Marrs Of Stones and Fears
Lee Martin Clock Striker Crashes Through Courthouse Ceiling, 1935
Matthew Quinn Martin Command Performance
Tara L. Masih A Haunt of Memory
Tara L. Masih Fire-on-the-Water
Tara L. Masih How Do You Thank a River?
Tara L. Masih Pietà
Tara L. Masih The Mystery Spot
Bobbie Ann Mason Balancing Act
Bobbie Ann Mason Bridges
Jamie Mason Soul of the City
Jamie Mason Splitters
Jamie Mason The Malthus Alternative
Bobbie Ann Mason The Whirling Circle
Brandon Massey A Walk through Darkness
Matthew Masucci My Blues-Eyed Girl
Jane McCafferty Given Ghosts
Simon McCaffery Strawberry Moon
Simon McCaffery The Deep End
JW McCormack The Soft Disconnect
Sandra McDonald Rules for Ordinary Heroes
Sandra McDonald Searching for Slave Leia
Sandra McDonald Selfie
Matthew McEver Eight Track
Matthew McEver Starlight Drive
Monica McFawn Key Phrases
Jon McGoran Appetite
Jon McGoran Bad Debt
Jon McGoran Grounders
Erin McGraw Compliments
Erin McGraw L.A.
Erin McGraw Love
Will McIntosh Bridesicle
Will McIntosh Dancing with Death in the Land of Nod
Will McIntosh Defenders
Will McIntosh Soft Apocalypse
Will McIntosh The Fantasy Jumper
Will McIntosh The Savannah Liars Tour
Will McIntosh Unlikely
Frankie McMillan Burning Faith
Frankie McMillan Do Not Look Into A Husky’s Eyes
Frankie McMillan In The Nick of Time, A Deer
Frankie McMillan Styrofoam Dream
Frankie McMillan The Conductors’ Last Wave
Frankie McMillan The Geography of Her Father
Frankie McMillan The House On Holloway Street
Frankie McMillan Truthful Lies
Frankie McMillan When Gorillas Sleep
William Meikle Sherlock Holmes – The Case of the Jade Pendant
William Meikle Snowbound
William Meikle Twitterspace
Christopher Merkner Afternoon
Christopher Merkner Cabins
Christopher Merkner Check The Baby
Christopher Merkner Common Disagreements
Christopher Merkner I Am Sleeping
Christopher Merkner My Mother in Jönköping
Christopher Merkner Pelicans Leaving Rural Pennsylvania
Christopher Merkner Returns
Court Merrigan Slog On
Court Merrigan The Cloud Factory
Jason Metz Heavyweight
Jason Metz Single Lens Reflection
Jason Metz The Paredrae
Lori Michelle Growing Pains
Lori Michelle Magnum Opus
Lori Michelle Rite of Passage
Lori Michelle Shades of Naught
Megan Milks Slug
Sam J. Miller 57 Reasons for the Slate Quarry Suicides
Martha Miller Best Friends
Mary Miller Not All Who Wander Are Lost
Mary Miller Palatial
Mary Miller Pearl
Martha Miller Seductions
Martha Miller The Baby-Sitter
Sam J. Miller We Are the Cloud
Valerie Miner Percussion
Valerie Miner Veranda
Kyle Minor A Kidnapping in Koulèv-Ville
Kyle Minor The Truth and All Its Ugly
D. Thomas Minton Dreams in Dust
D. Thomas Minton The Schrodinger War
D. Thomas Minton Thief of Futures
Saundra Mitchell Starfall
Mary Anne Mohanraj Birthstones
Mary Anne Mohanraj Communion
Mary Anne Mohanraj How it Started
Mary Anne Mohanraj Kali
Mary Anne Mohanraj Monsoon Day
Mary Anne Mohanraj The Survey
Mary Anne Mohanraj Webs
Mary Anne Mohanraj Wild Roses
Katrina Monroe Compulsion
Sunny Moraine And Here You Come
Sunny Moraine Dispatches from a Hole in the World
Sunny Moraine Singing With All My Skin and Bone
Sunny Moraine So Sharp That Blood Must Flow
Sunny Moraine What Glistens Back
Silvia Moreno-Garcia Scales as Pale as Moonlight
Beth Morgenstern The Pitcher
Beth Morgenstern To the Marrow
Ellen Birkett Morris I See You
Ellen Birkett Morris Kodachrome
Ellen Birkett Morris May Apples
Ellen Birkett Morris Religion
Lisa Nohealani Morton How Maartje and Uppinder Terraformed Mars
Peggy Munson Fairgrounds
Peggy Munson The Rock Wall
Peggy Munson The Territories
Jack Murnighan Rental
Jack Murnighan Rooster
Jack Murnighan Watershed
Richie Narvaez Ending in Paumanok
Shale Nelson Pay Phobetor
Annalee Newitz Drones Don’t Kill People
Derek Nikitas The Plowman’s Tale
Gregory L. Norris Exhuming Secrets On A Hot August Day
Gregory L. Norris Mandered
Gregory L. Norris Strays
Gregory L. Norris The Box Of Love And Hatred
Gregory L. Norris The Sun Struck
Ryan North Cancer
Sara Nović On Late-Stage Pediatric Cardiomyopathy
Gene O’Neill Balance
Gene O’Neill Graffiti Sonata
Gene O’Neill The Blue Heron
Weston Ochse American Golem
Weston Ochse Gravitas
Weston Ochse Righteous
Weston Ochse The Crossing Of Aldo Ray
Jason Ockert Echo
Jason Ockert Everyday Murders
Jason Ockert Jakob Loomis
Jason Ockert Max
Joe Okonkwo Cleo
Joe Okonkwo Skin
Thomas Olde Heuvelt The Day the World Turned Upside Down
Daniel José Older Animal
Daniel José Older Dust
Peter Orner Herb and Rosalie Swanson at the Cocoanut Grove
Peter Orner Melba Kuperchmid Returns
Peter Orner Occidental Hotel
An Owomoyela Abandonware
An Owomoyela All That Touches The Air
An Owomoyela God in the Sky
An Owomoyela In Metal, In Bone
An Owomoyela Three Points Masculine
An Owomoyela Undermarket Data
Pamela Painter A Fabricated Life
Pamela Painter Grief
Pamela Painter Intruders of Sleepless Nights
Pamela Painter The Bridge
Pamela Painter The Real Story
John Palisano Happy Joe’s Rest Stop
John Palisano Little Deaths
John Palisano Splinterette
John Palisano The Geminis
Susan Palwick Windows
Jonathan Papernick An Unwelcome Guest
Jonathan Papernick Dog Whistle
Jonathan Papernick Fuck Almighty
Jonathan Papernick The King of the King of Falafel
Jonathan Papernick There Is No Other
Jonathan Papernick When The Rains Came
Dino Parenti Entropy
Dino Parenti Visitation Rights
Michael Parker Remember Me To The One Who Lives There
Aimee Parkison Code Violations
Aimee Parkison The Tourists
Aimee Parkison What Happened with Gilbert That Night
Lucas Pederson Blaise
Lucas Pederson Midnight Highway
Samuel Peralta Hereafter
Ursula Pflug Late for Dinner
Ursula Pflug Python
Ursula Pflug The Water Man
Twist Phelan A Stab In The Heart
Twist Phelan Footprints In Water
Twist Phelan HAPPINE$$
Twist Phelan The Fourteenth Juror
Twist Phelan The Peahen
Twist Phelan Time Will Tell
Gary Phillips The Kim Novak Effect
Gary Phillips The Sleeping Detective
Marian Phillips Three Obscene Telephone Calls
Felice Picano Shy
Felice Picano Two Gaijin in Gay Japan
Tom Piccirilli An Average Insanity, A Common Agony
Tom Piccirilli The Void It Often Brings With It
Renee Asher Pickup Amanda Will Be Fine
Cameron Pierce Crazy Love
Cameron Pierce Drop the World
Cameron Pierce Help Me
Cameron Pierce Our Love Will Go the Way of the Salmon
Rob Pierce Thanksgiving, 1963
Cameron Pierce The Snakes of Boring
Leslie Pietrzyk Bridge of Sighs
Leslie Pietrzyk Destiny
Leslie Pietrzyk It Was the Eighties
Leslie Pietrzyk Reversing The River
Leslie Pietrzyk Steel and Glass
Leslie Pietrzyk The Chicago Brother
Leslie Pietrzyk The Couple
Leslie Pietrzyk The Lady of the House
Leslie Pietrzyk The Newest Trustee
Leslie Pietrzyk The Unseen
Leslie Pietrzyk The Way
Leslie Pietrzyk Till Death Do Us Part
Leslie Pietrzyk Unbearable
Leslie Pietrzyk Water in the Channel
Leslie Pietrzyk What We See
Maria Pinto A Girl And Her Lacuna
Maria Pinto Become One Flesh
Maria Pinto Black People Don’t
Maria Pinto Granny and the Bonehead Squad
Maria Pinto The Barren Trophy Wife Makes Tea
Casey Plett A Love Like in the Movies
Casey Plett Couldn’t Hear You Talk Anymore
Casey Plett Other Women
Casey Plett Winning
Thomas Pluck Mannish Water
Thomas Pluck The Big Snip
Meg Pokrass Brain Chemistry
Meg Pokrass Card House
Meg Pokrass Delivery
Meg Pokrass Extinction
Meg Pokrass Sex in Siberia
Meg Pokrass The Big Dipper
Meg Pokrass The Divorced, Devout’s Potluck
Meg Pokrass The Serious Writer and Her Pussy
Katherine Anne Porter Theft
Tim Pratt Ghostreaper, or, Life After Revenge
Tim Pratt Hart and Boot
Tim Pratt Impossible Dreams
David Pratt Kingdoms
David Pratt The Addict
Tim Pratt The Secret Beach
Santino Prinzi Men at Work
Eryk Pruitt Knockout
Eryk Pruitt November
Eryk Pruitt The Hoo-Doo of Sweet Mama Rosa
Eryk Pruitt Them Riders
Andy Quan First Draft
Andy Quan Hair
Andy Quan How to Cook Chinese Rice
Andy Quan Rufo
James Queally Prowl
Bryon Quertermous Alter Road
Bryon Quertermous Cadaver Dog
Bryon Quertermous The Loosest SL TS In All Of Vegas
Jerry Rabushka Wasted Courage
Ron Rash Three A.M. and the Stars Were Out
N.O.A. Rawle Balancing Act
N.O.A. Rawle Shark Nose
N.O.A. Rawle Synchronysi
Angela Readman The Day it Really Rained Men
Angela Readman The Honey Gatherers
Angela Readman The Night Life of Wives
Timmy Reed Birds and Other Things We Placed in Our Hearts
Timmy Reed School Spirit is for Suckers
Timmy Reed When I Was Good at Playing God
Adam Reger Comeback Trail
Adam Reger From Here to There
Adam Reger Mr. Critic
Adam Reger Polish Polka Band
Alexandra Renwick A Good Thing and a Right Thing
Alexandra Renwick Lovely Young Losers
Alexandra Renwick Or Current Resident
Travis Richardson Incident On The 405
Travis Richardson Quack and Dwight
Travis Richardson The Proxy
Jason S. Ridler Billy And The Mountain
Jason S. Ridler Blood That Burns So Bright
Jason S. Ridler Bragging Rights
Jason S. Ridler Reflections
Jason S. Ridler Rikidōzan And The San Diego Swerve Job
Doug Roberts Office Mates
Lane Robins The Black Window
Todd Robinson Car Number 20 on the Southern Belle Line
Todd Robinson Good Dogs
Todd Robinson Peaches
Todd Robinson Roses At His Feet
Kelly Robson Good for Grapes
Kelly Robson The Three Resurrections of Jessica Churchill
Kelly Robson Two Year Man
Kelly Robson Waters of Versailles
Thomas S. Roche Hollywood Christmas
Thomas S. Roche Temporary Insanity
Thomas S. Roche Up for a Nickel
Thomas S. Roche What He Did
Claudia Rodríguez Juan the Brave
Andrew Roe How To Talk To Children About Death
Andrew Roe Kramer vs. Kramer
Andrew Roe Why We Came to Target at 9:58 on a Monday Night
Marianne Rogoff Es Sueño?
Marianne Rogoff Try This at Home
Ethel Rohan At the Side of the Road
Ethel Rohan Lodgers
Ethel Rohan Out of the Wreckage
Michelle Ross Galactagogues
Michelle Ross How Many Ways Can You Die on a Bus?
Michelle Ross If My Mother Was the Final Girl
Keith Rosson All That Business With The Heart
S.J. Rozan Chin Yong-Yun Takes a Case
S.J. Rozan Double-Crossing Delancey
S.J. Rozan Hoops
S.J. Rozan Hothouse
S.J. Rozan Sister of Mercy
Lynda E. Rucker The House on Cobb Street
Sam Ruddick Leak
Sam Ruddick The Blessing
Josh Russell Two Photographs by Walker Evans
Josh Russell ‘Truck Tire Outside Murfreesboro, Tennessee, 1936’
A. Merc Rustad How To Become A Robot In 12 Easy Steps
A. Merc Rustad Taste Yourself
A. Merc Rustad Tomorrow When We See The Sun
Sandra Ruttan Fucked Again
Mark SaFranko Acts Of Revenge
Mark SaFranko Life-Change
Mark SaFranko The Crash Of A Wave
Mark SaFranko The Man In Unit 24
Mark SaFranko The Pursuit of the Nonexistent
Kelly Sandoval Everyone Will Want One
Kelly Sandoval The One They Took Before
Lisabet Sarai Clean Slate
George Saunders The 400-Pound CEO
Lawrence Schimel The Abdominal Snowman
Kenneth Schneyer The Plausibility of Dragons
David J. Schow A Gunfight
Katey Schultz Paddy the Albino
Katey Schultz The Last Thing They Might Have Seen
Robert Scotellaro A Disadvantage of Momentum
Robert Scotellaro A Knife On the Bed
Robert Scotellaro Fun House
Ekaterina Sedia Protector of Ascheli
Ekaterina Sedia Snow
Alan Semrow A Professor of American Lit
Robert Shapard Apercus
Robert Shapard Best Boy
Robert Shapard Cardinals
Nisi Shawl Good Boy
Nisi Shawl Little Horses
Nisi Shawl Vulcanization
Hugh Sheehy A Time and A Place
Hugh Sheehy The Experience Collector
Hugh Sheehy The Last Days
Marcy Sheiner Letter Delivered As A Dream
Marcy Sheiner Two Guys and a Gal
Marcy Sheiner What
Rachel Sherman Jolie Laide
Rachel Sherman Land Between Two Brush Shaped Hills
Rachel Sherman The Girls
Rachel Sherman Torture Receipts
Rachel Sherman Women In The Grass
Lewis Shiner CANTO MCML
Lewis Shiner Duck
John Shirley Calaphais and the Demon Malchance
John Shirley Elder Cruiser
John Shirley That Part of the Brain
Martin L. Shoemaker Today I Am Paul
Alex Shvartsman Burying Treasure
Alex Shvartsman Dante’s Unfinished Business
Alex Shvartsman Explaining Cthulhu To Grandma
Alex Shvartsman H.G. Wells, Secret Agent
Alex Shvartsman How Earth Narrowly Escaped An Invasion From Space
Alex Shvartsman The Golem of Deneb Seven
Alex Shvartsman The Race For Arcadia
Carter Sickels Saving
Carter Sickels Wildlife
Scott Sigler Number One With A Bullet
Scott Sigler Red Man
Scott Sigler Wolf
Robert Silverberg Enter A Soldier
Cory Skerry Breathless in the Deep
Cory Skerry The World is Cruel, My Daughter
John Skipp Bringing Out The Demons
David Sklar Excerpt from Black Wax and Ashes
David Sklar Rules for Killing Monsters
Ben Slotky All the Ants in Arkansas
Ben Slotky Roll Tide
Ben Slotky There is A Word For This
Anthony Neil Smith Everyone Grieves In A Unique Way
Curtis Smith Illusion
Anthony Neil Smith Lovers Through All Eternity And Forevermore
Curtis Smith One Truth
Curtis Smith The Nest
Curtis Smith The Quarry
Jody Sollazzo Cratylus
Jody Sollazzo Outlier
Jeff Soloway The Wentworth Letter
Sharon Solwitz Alive
Sharon Solwitz Magnify, Sanctify
Jeff Somers Ringing The Changes
Clay Space City Man
Gareth Spark American Tan
Amber Sparks The Children and the Gardener
Darren Speegle Lago Di Iniquità
Darren Speegle The Horticulturist’s Daughter
Darren Speegle The Lunatic Miss Teak
Lana Spendl Budget Flight on Christmas Day
Lana Spendl Lost Item at Sunday’s Ukrainian Day Picnic
Lana Spendl MorningLark35 Sent You a Message on
Benjanun Sriduangkaew Desert Lexicon
Benjanun Sriduangkaew Ningyo
Susan St. Aubin Scent
Susan St. Aubin Ships That Meet
Susan St. Aubin Taste
Susan St. Aubin The Man in the Gray Flannel Tights
Andrew Stancek Hedgehog
Andrew Stancek Horses’ Heads
Andrew Stancek Smell of Water
Julie Steinbacher Chimeras
Julie Steinbacher Inter-Exo
Julie Steinbacher omen Underwear
Tim Stevenson Before The Sun Comes Up
Tim Stevenson Chicken
Tim Stevenson Watching
Gene Stewart Cross-Town Incubus
Gene Stewart Dictation
Donna George Storey The Cunt Book
Donna George Storey Ukiyo
Donna George Storey Yes
Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam A Careful Fire
Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam Everything Beneath You
Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam He Came From a Place of Openness and Truth
Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam In the City of Martyrs
Stefen Styrsky I Tell the PO
Stefen Styrsky Men in White
Stefen Styrsky The National Gallery
Liam Sweeny God’s Country
Liam Sweeny The Wrong Hammer
Duane Swierczynski Hilly Palmer’s Last Case
Duane Swierczynski Lonely and Gone
Rachel Swirsky Tea Time
Dan Szczesny 100 Years of Christmas
Dan Szczesny Cleaner
Dan Szczesny Little Warriors
Dan Szczesny Olympus Knows I’m Miserable Now
Dan Szczesny Reptile Dreams
Mitzi Szereto Fated
Mitzi Szereto My Lover
Bogi Takács The Need for Overwhelming Sensation
David Tallerman A Killer of Dead Men
David Tallerman Great Black Wave
David Tallerman Ill-Met at Midnight
David Tallerman Jenny’s Sick
Molly Tanzer Demure
Molly Tanzer Qi Sport
Molly Tanzer Smile
H.R. Tardiff Walls in the Sand
Art Taylor A Voice from the Past
Lucy Taylor Blessed Be the Bound
Lucy Taylor Choke Hold
Lucy Taylor Lust in the Days of Demons
Art Taylor Mastering the Art of French Cooking
Lucy Taylor Nikishi
Lucy Taylor Wingless Beasts
Steve Rasnic Tem Cold & Damp
Steve Rasnic Tem Saguaro Night
Steve Rasnic Tem Wet Kisses In The Dark
Mark Teppo A Simple Train of Thought
Mark Teppo Heart of the Rail
Mark Teppo How The Mermaid Lost Her Song
Mark Teppo The Lost Technique of Blackmail
Geeta Tewari The Indianness
Natalia Theodoridou Android Whores Can’t Cry
Natalia Theodoridou The Eleven Holy Numbers of the Mechanical Soul
Natalia Theodoridou The Ravens’ Sister
Natalia Theodoridou The Vandalists
Lee Thomas An Apiary of White Bees
Richard Thomas Asking For Forgiveness
Merve Thomas Bet on the Sun
Richard Thomas Bringing In the Sheaves
Richard Thomas Chasing Ghosts
Richard Thomas Chrysalis
Lee Thomas Fine In The Fire
Richard Thomas Flowers for Jessica
Richard Thomas From Within
Richard Thomas Maker of Flight
Merve Thomas Puncher’s Chance
Merve Thomas Snake without a Tail
Lee Thomas The Lord of Corrosion
Richard Thomas White Picket Fences
Brian Thornton Counting Coup
Kate Thornton Just Like in the Movies
Brian Thornton Paper Son
Lavie Tidhar Selfies
Lavie Tidhar The Night Train
Lavie Tidhar Western Chow Mein Red Dawn
Doug Tierney The Portable Girlfriend
Brandon Tietz Dietary
Robert W. Tinsley A Kiss Is Just A Kiss
E. Catherine Tobler (To See the Other) Whole Against the Sky
E. Catherine Tobler A Box, a Pocket, a Spaceman
E. Catherine Tobler Lockbox
E. Catherine Tobler Virtually Yours
Jeremiah Tolbert In the Dying Light, We Saw a Shape
Jeremiah Tolbert La Alma Perdida de Marguerite Espinoza
Jeremiah Tolbert Not by Wardrobe, Tornado, or Looking Glass
Jeremiah Tolbert You Have Been Turned into a Zombie by a Friend
Laurie Tom Even the Mountains Are Not Forever
Laurie Tom The Wings The Lungs, The Engine The Heart
Laurie Tom Unfilial Child
Joseph Tomaras Moose Season
Jessica Treadway Cliff Walk
Jessica Treadway Down Here
Jessica Treadway Ghost Story
Paul Tremblay 19 Snapshots of Dennisport
Brian Trent Chasing Comets
Brian Trent Love Among Dead and Crawling Things
Brian Trent The Testament of Beast Folk at the End of the World
Zoe Trope Hummingbird
Mary Troy Do You Believe in the Chicken Hanger?
Mary Troy In The Sky Lord
Mary Troy We’re Still Kenneys
Ken True another sample story
Ken True sample story please ignore
Ken True test story for you to ignore
Simon Kurt Unsworth A Country Death
Simon Kurt Unsworth The Hand-Delivered Letter
Gabriel Urza After Dark
Gabriel Urza Baby
Gabriel Urza Speed Bumps
Corinna Vallianatos A Neighboring State
Corinna Vallianatos Visitation
Fred Van Lente Neversleeps
Fred Van Lente Willful Weapon
Marie Vibbert Jupiter Wrestlerama
Marie Vibbert Michael Doesn’t Hate His Mother
Zachary Tyler Vickers Finkle, Frigup
Zachary Tyler Vickers Karst
Zachary Tyler Vickers Tighter, Goodbye
Bev Vincent The Honey Trap
Bev Vincent Wake Me Up For Meals
Tim Waggoner Best Friends Forever
Tim Waggoner Sharp As Night
Tim Waggoner The Great Ocean of Truth
Tim Waggoner Thou Art God
Philip Dean Walker Don’t Stop Me Now
Kali Wallace The Day They Came
Sarah Harris Wallman Cover Band
Sarah Harris Wallman Junk Food
Sarah Harris Wallman Only Children
Sarah Harris Wallman The Dead Girls Show
Craig Wallwork Dollhouse
Craig Wallwork Human Tenderloin
Craig Wallwork Killer Revolution
Craig Wallwork The Valentine Present
Damien Angelica Walters Sing Me Your Scars
Damien Angelica Walters The Floating Girls – A Documentary
Damien Angelica Walters The Judas Child
Damien Angelica Walters Tooth, Tongue, and Claw
Andrew Warburton The Forest of Suicides
Andrew Warburton The Vampire of Xanthos
James Warner The Postmen
Michael Wehunt The Devil Under the Maison Blue
Django Wexler Real
Django Wexler The Guns of the Wastes
Jerry L. Wheeler Templeton’s in Love
Emma Whitehall A Cat of the Autumn
Emma Whitehall The Cormorant
Emma Whitehall The Crush
Conrad Williams Crappy Rubsniff
Conrad Williams Footprint On Nowhere Beach
Chet Williamson First Kill
Chet Williamson Season Pass
Chet Williamson Some Jobs Are Simple
Kai Ashante Wilson Kaiju maximus
James Winter A Very Small Flame
James Winter El Pueblo Vencerá
James Winter Nothing Shall Hurt You
James Winter The Ghosts of Santa Teresa
James Winter The Watchers
Ben H. Winters The Food Taster’s Boy
Ben H. Winters The Old Slow Man and His Gold Gun From Space
Kenneth Wishnia Market Day
Kenneth Wishnia Piece Work
Tobias Wolff Bullet in the Brain
Nick Wolven No Placeholder for You, My Love
Alyssa Wong Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers
Allen Woodman The January Tree
Allen Woodman What To Expect When You Are Not Expecting
Allen Woodman World’s Best Joke
JY Yang Secondhand Bodies
JY Yang Thin Shells
Christie Yant Dead Man’s Hand
Christie Yant The Magician and the Maid and Other Stories
Christie Yant The Three Feats of Agani
Christie Yant This Is As I Wish To Be Restored
Christie Yant This Rough Magic
Christie Yant Transfer of Ownership
Joseph Young Allegory Over Baghdad
Joseph Young Another
Joseph Young Evangelic
Joseph Young Fun and Wonderful Toy
Joseph Young Funny
Joseph Young Galaxy
Joseph Young Lucky Uber
Joseph Young Some Saturday
Joseph Young Terrible, Beautiful World
Charles Yu Bookkeeper, Narrator, Gunslinger
Charles Yu NPC
Robert Yune Preludes
Robert Yune Rumors of My Demise
Robert Yune Solitude City