Torture Receipts by Rachel Sherman, short story book cover artwork

“Torture Receipts” by Rachel Sherman

Her husband has a dream about an old girlfriend where the term ‘Torture Receipts’ emerges. They are both writers, she thinks she’ll use the term in a story. She contemplates t…

Occidental Hotel by Peter Orner, short story book cover artwork

“Occidental Hotel” by Peter Orner

Quick money is what enticed the young woman to take a job at the Occidental Hotel, but the convenience of the position held her attention long past her intended stay. Money an…

Superstuff by Hugh Behm-Steinberg, short story book cover artwork

“Superstuff” by Hugh Behm-Steinberg

Batman is in love with Wonder Woman. He wishes he could just get invisible with her. Maybe the Joker can advise him on the best course of action.

What To Expect When You Are Not Expecting by Allen Woodman, short story book cover artwork

“What To Expect When You Are Not Expecting” by Allen Woodman

This kid he’s babysitting for, Oscar, has an uncanny connection to world disasters. Is he the only one to stop things getting out of control?

A Voice from the Past by Art Taylor, short story book cover artwork

“A Voice from the Past” by Art Taylor

If you made a younger school boy do push-ups in a puddle of piss and bourbon, you can understand why he wants revenge two decades later.

The Big Snip by Thomas Pluck, short story book cover artwork

“The Big Snip” by Thomas Pluck

Sharon runs the Neuter Scooter, taking out young techs on jobs giving cats and dogs in the neighbourhood the snip. She teaches them, then they usually abandon her for the surg…

Alex and the Music Box by Nik Korpon, short story book cover artwork

“Alex and the Music Box” by Nik Korpon

After their breakup, all Matt wants is his music box back. After what he did, he has no choice but to wait until Alex is away to search her apartment. Things don’t go as plann…

A Good Marriage by Ed Kurtz, short story book cover artwork

“A Good Marriage” by Ed Kurtz

His wife likes to take revenge on the women he’s attracted to, down in her basement. She likes to have her hobbies, however sinister they are.