Fires of Mercy by Spencer Ellsworth, short story book cover artwork

“Fires of Mercy” by Spencer Ellsworth

Each act of war has an act of mercy, and this assassin’s mercy may just cost her three lives – including her own.

How Many Miles to Babylon? by Megan Arkenberg, short story book cover artwork

“How Many Miles to Babylon?” by Megan Arkenberg

After a rain of fire run David and his wife from their home, they find themselves in an endless fight for survival. With a reserve of batteries and food that won’t last foreve…

Wild Things by A.M. Dellamonica, short story book cover artwork

“Wild Things” by A.M. Dellamonica

Their world is contaminated by magic, and they’ve only got each other to survive their strange new existences.

Her Words Like Hunting Vixens Spring by Brooke Bolander, short story book cover artwork

“Her Words Like Hunting Vixens Spring” by Brooke Bolander

Rosa must be the one to track down her murderous ex-fiancé Captain Todd. No matter how badly her brothers or the rest of the town want to be involved, she knows it has to be h…

A Careful Fire by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam, short story book cover artwork

“A Careful Fire” by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam

Mabella has been listening to the late-night songs of the wingèd women since she was a small girl. Unlike the other maids of the house, she does not look for them in the night…

How to Murder Your Friends by Libby Cudmore, short story book cover artwork

“How to Murder Your Friends” by Libby Cudmore

Death is a personal, spiritual experience . . . so isn’t the murder of a friend the ultimate form of intimacy?

El Pueblo Vencerá by James Winter, short story book cover artwork

“El Pueblo Vencerá” by James Winter

She never thought they would come for her family. On a mission for answers, Beatriz helps mothers like her summon the courage to make a stand.

La Frontera Redux by Gabino Iglesias, short story book cover artwork

“La Frontera Redux” by Gabino Iglesias

There’s a promise of paradise on the other side, but once you cross la frontera, you are never the same.

The Master Conjurer by Charlie Jane Anders, short story book cover artwork

“The Master Conjurer” by Charlie Jane Anders

Thanks to a loose-lipped friend, Peter’s success casting a consequence free spell reaches the local news. His life is turned upside down as magicians, reporters, and fans all …

Heat by Grant Faulkner, short story book cover artwork

“Heat” by Grant Faulkner

They sell their belongings, pull minor scams, enter contests just to make it through the rainless Tucson summer, but it’s never enough.

Psychobilly 5 & Dime by Morgana MacLeod, short story book cover artwork

“Psychobilly 5 & Dime” by Morgana MacLeod

He strolls into the psychobilly five & dime, gut clenched, need clawing at his veins. The counterman tells him to buy itching powder, but he says he just wants a Valentine for…

The Fourteenth Juror by Twist Phelan, short story book cover artwork

“The Fourteenth Juror” by Twist Phelan

Sometimes we have to break a few of our own rules to balance the scales of justice.

Stranglers in the Night by Jeff C. Carter, short story book cover artwork

“Stranglers in the Night” by Jeff C. Carter

His heart condition poses a risk for the business, so they’ve sent someone to stop it.

Get Behind Me Satan by Erica Conrick, short story book cover artwork

“Get Behind Me Satan” by Erica Conrick

Nick thinks he’d sell his soul to the devil if his wife would be the sexual whore he craves. He needs to be careful what he wishes for.

Virtually Yours by E. Catherine Tobler, short story book cover artwork

“Virtually Yours” by E. Catherine Tobler

“Flesh was out and fantasy was in. It wasn’t enough to jack in to a partner; first, you jacked in to Realms, the virtual world that allowed you to go anywhere and do anything-…

Going To The Big House by Tom Bailey, short story book cover artwork

“Going To The Big House” by Tom Bailey

Willing or not, they came to the Big House because they had no other option. This was where they detoxed, slept it off, and tried again. Everyone has a story and everyone is d…

Granny and the Bonehead Squad by Maria Pinto, short story book cover artwork

“Granny and the Bonehead Squad” by Maria Pinto

Granny’s weird hobby of creating lifelike ‘Reborns’ has made her famous. But Alexia is more than just a doll.

Dirty by John Affleck, short story book cover artwork

“Dirty” by John Affleck

This is the start of his criminal career, he thinks. He’s a loner, an outsider. Turned eleven, and nobody told him Halloween was meant for dirty tricks, not trick-or-treating….