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“A Special Kind of Hell” by Hilary Davidson

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After seventeen years of marriage, Derek has revealed to Paige during counseling that he wants to visit a dominatrix. It's one of his deepest desires, he says, and it doesn't mean anything, it isn't about sex. He's under a lot of pressure, he needs her to understand, doesn't want this to be a secret between them. Paige wonders why he doesn't want to be dominated by her and why he wants to tell her all about it. Maybe if she surprises him, it will all go away.

A Special Kind of Hell

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About the Author
Hilary Davidson’s debut novel, The Damage Done, won multiple awards and spawned a mystery series set in international destinations. Her latest book is the dark thriller Blood Always Tells, a departure from her series. Her widely acclaimed, award-winning short stories have been featured everywhere from Ellery Queen to Thuglit. A Toronto-born travel journalist and the author of eighteen nonfiction books, she has lived in New York City since October 2001.
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