Small Bang Only by Geeta Kothari, short story book cover artwork

“Small Bang Only” by Geeta Kothari

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Milo drives toward the United Nations where his wife Serafina is an interpreter. She has left him, accused him of not supporting her since they escaped here from their home country. But here, he is nothing. Has left behind his family for her. His friends Vladmir and Jas have packed a bomb in the small suitcase he bought Serafina, it's on the passenger seat, all Milo has to do is set the timer and leave it in the car park.

Small Bang Only

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About the Author
Geeta Kothari is the nonfiction editor of The Kenyon Review. She is a two-time recipient of the fellowship in literature from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and the editor of ‘Did My Mama Like to Dance?’ and Other Stories about Mothers and Daughters. Her fiction and nonfiction have appeared in various journals and anthologies, including the Kenyon Review, the Massachusetts Review, Fourth Genre, and Best American Essays. In 2004, she received the David and Tina Bellet Award for Teaching Excellence. In addition to teaching in the undergraduate curriculum, Geeta Kothari also directs the Writing Center.
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