child peering through side of world war ii fighter plane

“Shark Nose” by N.O.A. Rawle

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Vi Bellows was nine when Germany attacked her home in London. Seventy-five years later, she can’t forget what she saw, and she’s never talked about it until now. The rogue fighter jet with teeth like razors was always out to get her, and today her family insists she join them at the WWII memorial. Vi, however, fears the monster from her childhood is awaiting her arrival.

Shark Nose

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About the Author
Having lingered in libraries as a toddler, some magic book dust must have rubbed off as writing is the only thing I have consistently returned to after experimenting in an obscure selection of professions. At night I shed my mother/wife/mother/teacher skin and venture into fiction. I grew up in the West of England but live in Thessaly with my two gorgeous kids, super husband and of course, two adopted cats.
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