“Room With No View” by Martin Foreman

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Room With No View

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About the Author
As a writer of fiction, I have published two novels and two collections of short stories. One of my novels - The Butterfly's Wing - has been published in the UK, US and Taiwan. My short stories have also been published in a number of magazines in Europe and the USA. In non-fiction, my main income for twenty years came from research and publication of articles, booklets and books examining the social causes and consequences of HIV/AIDS in the developing world. At one time I also wrote travel articles, opinion pieces and book reviews for gay periodicals in London and New York. For a few years in the mid 2000s I wrote mostly on atheism. I also spent some time writing about the issues around the 2014 referendum on Scottish independence. Apart from a brief foray in 1995, I began writing for the stage in 2012, to generally good reviews. So far these have been limited to one-actor plays, including Californian Lives, Angel, Now We Are Pope (about the writer Frederick Rolfe / Baron Corvo) and Tadzio Speaks . . . (based on the classic novel and film Death in Venice). I began acting on stage and in short films in 2011. I tend to be offered roles as criminals and psychopaths, which explains such reviews as "suitably unnerving, and at times completely terrifying" (The Stage on my role as a bodyguard in The Duchess of Malfi). Ironically, I prefer comedy, as in A Man Who Lost His Mind, at the White Bear Theatre in South London in 2014 ("a welcome cameo ... suitably mysterious, baffling and comic" Views from the Gods). In November 2015 I appeared in Alan Ayckbourn's Wildest Dreams, in the role of Austen Skate ("a compellingly wheezing, sepulchral version of Uncle Fester" All Edinburgh Theatre) and in July 2016 I took the part of Roy in the short film Close to the Bone, which will premiere later in the year. I began directing stage plays in 2014 with several productions of my one-man dramas in London and Edinburgh. Thanks to actors Christopher Annus and Christopher Peacock reviews included "four stars" "captivating plays" "engaging and expressive performances" and "wonderfully believable characters". These plays were published in 2015; Californian Lives in 2016. A short run of J B Priestley's one-act play The Rose and Crown, which I directed at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2016, had four-star reviews. I will direct my adaptation of Ben Jonson's Volpone at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2017. Samples of my fiction, travel and opinion writing can be found on martinforeman.com; my theatre and film work can be found on martinforeman.me.uk. My atheist writing - which has not been updated for several years - is on godwouldbeanatheist.com. My bookselling business - arberybooks.co.uk - specialises in old and rare gay, lesbian and transgender books and ephemera, antiquarian (pre-1900) curiosities and erotica, and old and rare science-fiction and fantasy.
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