Psychobilly 5 & Dime by Morgana MacLeod, short story book cover artwork

“Psychobilly 5 & Dime” by Morgana MacLeod

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He strolls into the psychobilly five & dime, gut clenched, need clawing at his veins. The counterman tells him to buy itching powder, but he says he just wants a Valentine for his girl.

Psychobilly 5 & Dime

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About the Author
Morgana MacLeod was a peculiar child who bound tiny books in which she wrote stories for elves. She now lives and writes on the Sunshine Coast. Like an old clapboard cottage, she sports gaps where her veranda floorboards have warped, admitting the unexpected and weathered windows, out of true, that admit chill breezes and unwelcome visitors. Her work appears in several anthologies, including Thumbnail 5 & 6, Stringbark Press, and “Undercurrents” and on-line.
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