MorningLark35 Sent You a Message on by Lana Spendl, short story book cover artwork

“MorningLark35 Sent You a Message on” by Lana Spendl

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He hails from a land beyond time, a land of green pastures and blue skies. And, after reading the glittering prose of her dating profile, he is ready to return there with her by his side.

About the Author
Lana Spendl’s chapbook of flash fiction, We Cradled Each Other in the Air, was published by Blue Lyra Press in 2017. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Cortland Review, Hobart, The Greensboro Review, Quarter After Eight, Lunch Ticket, Fiction Southeast, storySouth, Cider Press Review, Hawaii Pacific Review, Watershed Review, Bayou Magazine, Gargoyle, and other magazines. She lives in Bloomington, Indiana, where she is working on her first novel.
MorningLark35 Sent You a Message on

After wading neck-deep through hundreds of profiles, I have stumbled onto the shores of your glittering prose. I was a sailor overboard—lost, shoeless, tattered—but the beam of your smile pulled me in from the night. From whence do I hail? A land beyond time. A land of green pastures, plump sheep, and blue skies. The sea was a change—I longed to see the world—but woman after woman tossed me up like spraying foam.

But no matter! I am here! I have found my way again. Your eyes are the eyes of fortune. Your eyes are the eyes of gain. “And where will we go?” you’re likely wondering with a smile. To the land of green pastures, the land beyond time. The winds will whip at our hair—that’s right, I will grow my hair to match the length of yours!—and we will laugh and prance and spin like children in the rain. And we will tumble upon the grasses and we will gasp for each sweet breath, and we will kiss each other’s cheeks and give our heaving hearts a rest. And then we will make love—like violent beasts and passionate gods—and after we are sated, we’ll read philosophy by the fire. So tell me, my angel, my light, and my life: are you ready to be a philosopher, beast, and god?

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