“Mono no aware” by Ken Liu

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“Everything passes, Hiroto,” Dad said. “That feeling in your heart: It’s called mono no aware. It is a sense of the transience of all things in life. ...We are all ephemeral patterns destined to eventually fade, whether in a second or an eon.”

Humanity, and Earth along with it, is gone.

Hiroto Shimizu, who left Earth when he was eight, watches the stars fly by as he studies the patterns on the ship's solar sails for any irregularities. The Hopeful and its 1,021 inhabitants are the last of mankind, on a three-hundred year journey to the nearest habitable system. But today, something is wrong. One of the patterns is off, the indicator blinking too fast. One of the sails is torn...Millions and millions of miles away from our beginning, will we face our end?

"Mono no aware" is yet another stunning portrait of culture, country, and sacrifice by Hugo-award winning Ken Liu.

Mono no aware

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About the Author
Ken Liu (http://kenliu.name) is an author and translator of speculative fiction, as well as a lawyer and programmer. A winner of the Nebula, Hugo, and World Fantasy awards, he has been published in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Asimov’s, Analog, Clarkesworld, Lightspeed, and Strange Horizons, among other places. Ken’s debut novel, THE GRACE OF KINGS (2015), is the first volume in a silkpunk epic fantasy series, The Dandelion Dynasty. It won the Locus Best First Novel Award and was a Nebula finalist. He has a collection of short fiction, THE PAPER MENAGERIE AND OTHER STORIES (2016). He lives with his family near Boston, Massachusetts. In addition to his original fiction, Ken is also the translator of numerous literary and genre works from Chinese to English. His translation of THE THREE-BODY PROBLEM, by Liu Cixin, won the Hugo Award for Best Novel in 2015, the first translated novel ever to receive that honor.
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