“Meshed” by Rich Larson

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In an era when sports science has reached new heights, Vic is up for promotion regarding Nike’s nerve-cast system in which fans can experience all that the athlete sees and feels. All he’s got to do is convince a star player’s father to sign a contract, but this man knows more than Vic realized about the risks associated with the new technology, so in order to get what he wants, Vic must execute a devious plan.


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About the Author
Rich Larson was born in West Africa, has studied in Rhode Island and worked in Spain, and currently writes from Edmonton, Alberta. His speculative fiction has been nominated for the Theodore Sturgeon Prize, featured on io9, and appears in numerous Year’s Best anthologies. He received the Dell Award and Rannu Prize for Writers of Speculative Fiction. His literary short work has been nominated for both the Pushcart and Journey Prize, and he was a semifinalist for the Norman Mailer Poetry Prize. In 2011 his novel Devolution was a finalist for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. Alongside writing, he enjoys soccer, basketball, foreign languages, travel, sketching, and pool.
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