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“Mache” by Catherine MacLeod

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Truvy Caswell is an ambitious young journalist looking for a piece to kick off her career. Alarice Rogan, is a self-made Mache artist with secrets she can’t afford to come out. When persistent Truvy camps out in the artist’s driveway hoping for a coveted interview, Alarice just doesn’t have the heart to turn her away. Truvy’s questions trigger memories of love, betrayal, and murder. Alarice must keep her composure and answer every question carefully. Dark and mysterious, MacLeod delivers a thrilling tale of love, deception, and revenge.c


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About the Author
Catherine MacLeod lives and writes in Nova Scotia, where she also spends too much time watching "Orphan Black" on Youtube. Her publications include short fiction in On Spec, Nightmare, Black Static, Tor.com, and several anthologies, including Fearful Symmetries, Playground of Lost Toys, and Licence Expired: The Unauthorized James Bond.
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