pink cast across shower floor tile with four feet and soap

“Lovelock” by Fred G. Leebron

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Leaving behind a dark past and headed to a brighter future, Benjamin West has been on the road for three straight days. When he stumbles upon a casino-motel in Lovelock, Nevada, he can’t say no to the promise of liquor, coupons, and a hot shower. Unfortunately for West who experiences Lovelock through a haze of drunken fatigue, he can’t seem to say no to other temptations. Even ones that may dim the light on that brighter future.


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About the Author
Fred Leebron has published three novels, a short novel, and dozens of short stories; he has also co-edited a Norton anthology and co-authored a textbook. Awards for his writing include a Pushcart Prize and an O.Henry Award. He directs writing programs in Charlotte, Roanoke, Gettysburg and Latin America.
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