“It Ain’t Easy Being Green” by Jeff C. Carter

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Miguel - otherwise known as 'Recyclone' from a 90's eco-show - still wants to change the world. But it's getting harder every day. Especially since his Uncle Tio wants him to use his skills in alchemy to transmute gold instead of plastic.

It Ain't Easy Being Green

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About the Author
Jeff C. Carter lives in Venice, CA with a dog, two cats, and a human. His latest stories appear in the anthologies Transmissions from Punktown, Humanity 2.0, Tomorrow's Cthulhu, Apotheosis, Delta Green: Extraordinary Renditions, That Voodoo Hoodoo That You Do, A Mythos Grimmly, and issues of Trembles, Calliopie and eFiction magazine. More at jeffccarter.wordpress.com.
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