The Iron Hut by Maurice Broaddus, short story book cover artwork

“The Iron Hut” by Maurice Broaddus

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A mythical story set on an archaeological dig, where a Professor Leopold Watson is attempting to prove the exact location of an ancient city known as Kilwa Kivinjc, which disappeared into antiquity. A crystal shard is discovered, containing strange markings which appear to be some kind of ancient wording, seemingly proving the Professors assertions.

We are then transported to the story of Dinga, an ancient nomad warrior, who crosses the mountainside encountering violent clashes with Barbarians, and eventually staying, along with his Masai friend Naiteru, in the palisaded city of Kilwa Kivinjc.

After various clashes with bat-like beasts, and taking poison from the Chugga people of the city, Dinga agrees to go on a quest to convince the Brotherhood of the iron hut to stop infecting the Chugga's land by their magic.

The Iron Hut

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About the Author
Maurice Broaddus is the author of the Knights of Breton Court urban fantasy trilogy: King Maker, King’s Justice, and King’s War (Angry Robot Books). His fiction has been published in numerous magazines and anthologies, including Asimov’s Science Fiction, Lightspeed Magazine, Cemetery Dance, Apex Magazine, and Weird Tales Magazine. Some of his stories are being collected in the upcoming Voices of the Martyrs (Rosarium Publishing). He co-edited Streets of Shadows (Alliteration Ink) and the Dark Faith anthology series (Apex Books). You can keep up with him at his web site,
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