Home Invasion by Jen Conley, short story book cover artwork

“Home Invasion” by Jen Conley

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Keon Dell may be a street-wise criminal with a rough upbringing, but the story of the Jersey Devil has haunted him since childhood. It’s the last story he wants to hear on route to his first home invasion. Now everything feels just a little too ominous in this dark, empty house; and when things stop going as planned, Keon experiences something far more horrific than any devilish folklore.

Home Invasion

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About the Author
I'm born and raised in New Jersey, and I still live in Jersey. I'm from Ocean County, which is sometimes considered "central" Jersey and sometimes considered "south" Jersey--basically it's not "north" Jersey and it's not cool. Most of my stories take place in Ocean County, along the edge of the Pine Barrens, a large swath of protected forest of scrub pines and sandy soil. My characters are blue-collar and they live tough lives, sometimes very violent lives, but I like to believe my people are good, despite it all. Being from Jersey, and from "Springsteenland," I often get asked about how much he influenced my writing. Truthfully, as a kid and teenager, I wasn't a big Springsteen fan because he was on the radio all the time and I found his lyrics depressing. Who wanted to grow up and end up in their own version of “Glory Days”? Now I'm a big fan of Springsteen, and yes, it's amazing how much his music, lyrics, and stories did influence me, especially since I spent most of my teenage years listening to anything but the Boss.
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