“Given Ghosts” by Jane McCafferty

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Donovan Kerry is no ordinary sixteen-year-old. He would rather spend his days learning new words to create beautiful, flowing poetry than play sports or ride a bike, but even he has moments of mediocrity. When he and his two best friends, Cale and Daniel, are invited to a party, they uncharacteristically lie to their families to get a car for the evening. Donovan is a responsible driver; he obeys the speed limits; he watches the road carefully. Unfortunately, Cale and Daniel are not so responsible. A little too much wrestling and one bumped steering wheel will change Donovan’s life forever…

Given Ghosts

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About the Author
Jane on Jane: I teach a variety of fiction and non-fiction courses. My favorite of these is Literary Journalism; I'm always awed by what many students are able to produce in this genre. I like to watch students learn to tell stories that expand their vision of their own communities, and their own lives. Our students usually end up teaching me more than I can teach them. This semester my students have opened up my mind to fantasy and science fiction. They've gracefully dismantled what was left of my snobbery regarding those genres. Students have also taught me to appreciate graphic novels, and one day I hope to teach a course in this again.
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