“Give Me Goodwill Hunting” by Tom Andes

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Billy is bored with Christine. They’ve been together since high school, and he is a young, good-looking male who doesn’t want to be tied to one woman. After several explosive fights, she had heartbrokenly agreed that they could both see other people on the side. Billy wasted no time screwing his co-worker. Christine takes longer, but the night finally arrives: she has a date. When she slides back into their apartment in the middle of the night, Billy is shocked by his own desire to hear every detail of her evening. Her words bring up all kinds of emotions…

Give Me Goodwill Hunting

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About the Author
Tom Andes has published fiction in Witness, Natural Bridge, the Akashic Books Mondays Are Murder Flash Fiction Blog, Best American Mystery Stories 2012, and elsewhere. He frequently reviews books for publications including the Los Angeles Review of Books and The Rumpus. He lives in New Orleans, where he works as a freelance writer and editor and teaches community creative writing classes at the Loyola Writing Institute.
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