road in a field of red flowers

“Gearotica” by Angel Luis Colón

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After years of saving, he can finally afford the Cipollini RB1000 Dura-Ace D12. This is the bike of all bikes. He has paid his dues, waited his time. He can finally ditch the piece of crap he’s been riding and experience cycling at its finest. Taking the bike up to Bear Mountain, he can hardly contain his excitement as he prepares to mount the beautiful piece of machinery. The seat feels better than he could have imagined, the handlebars might as well have been made just for him, and the bike rides so smoothly. His body is in tune with the bicycle flying over the hills. Every little feeling courses through his muscles; he can’t remember the last time he felt his body respond this way. Something is building inside of him…


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About the Author
Angel Luis Colon is the author of The Fury of Blacky Jaguar, the upcoming No Happy Endings, and the in-progress anthology; Meat City on Fire and Other Assorted Debacles. He’s an editor for Shotgun Honey, has been nominated for the Derringer Award for Long Fiction, and is published in multiple web and print pubs such as Thuglit, Literary Orphans, All Due Respect, Spinetingler Magazine, My Bookish Ways, RT Book Reviews, and The LA Review of Books. He’s currently repped by Foundry Literary + Media.
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