“Game Winner” by John Affleck

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He’s counted all the days he’s gone to school and all the days he has left. By third grade, it’s more of a prison sentence, and all he can look forward to on this snowy day in Upstate New York is floor hockey redemption. The time has come. He’s got the puck. Not much else matters to these boys, and it’s up to him to win the game.

Game Winner

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About the Author
A veteran journalist with a track record of success as a national manager in both sports and news at The Associated Press, joined the College of Communications faculty in August 2013 as the Knight Chair in Sports Journalism and Society and director of the John Curley Center for Sports Journalism. Since joining the faculty, Affleck has focused on giving students with a classroom experience that will prepare them to step right into a newsroom and perform well. He does this by providing attentive editing, practical tips, on-campus reporting assignments and an accent on working with the latest storytelling tools.
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