“Elvis Presley Visits His Red Harley” by Sean Lovelace

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Elvis sits by the pool, trying to calm down. Priscilla comes out, slaps him across the face. Confused, he goes to the garage, revs his red Harley, his favourite. He drives it fast, out to Tupelo, to the house his father built for $180. The one he couldn't make payments on. The one they got thrown out of. Sometimes, he doesn't understand why things happen the way they do.

Elvis Presley Visits His Red Harley

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About the Author
Sean Lovelace lives in Indiana, where he teaches in the creative writing program at Ball State University. His latest collection is about Velveeta and published by Bateau Press. He recently edited a book with writer James Franco. He has won several national literary awards, including the Crazyhorse Prize for Fiction. He likes to eat nachos and to run, far.
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