El Pueblo Vencerá by James Winter, short story book cover artwork

“El Pueblo Vencerá” by James Winter

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She never thought they would come for her family. Now, on a mission for answers, Beatriz helps other mothers summon the courage to make a stand.

El Pueblo Vencerá

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About the Author
I’m that guy, the one who gives my students their tuition’s worth, who pushes their writing until they want to wring my neck. That’s okay. They know sometimes I’d like to wring my neck, too. They know that I sweat it as much them, and that writing and reading is a nasty business, and that as a boy writing and reading helped me to see the nastiness in my life, and it helped me out of it by dumping me in muck. So, I write about the nastiness, and the beauty in nastiness, too.
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