“Drowned River” by Dale Corvino

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Chiqui is making her usual rounds through downtown on her way to the clinic. She has her regular flirtatious run-in with the Post workers who stand around smoking. She always pays special attention to Mr. Terry, her childhood best friend’s father. He has a hard time making eye contact with cheeky; actually, he can’t even say her name. Mr. Terry still thinks of her as the little boy that she used to be, but that was another life. She now spends her days being ogled by men and spends her evenings with her trans best friend, Tenté. Life is good, but some things will always be difficult.

Drowned River

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About the Author
Dale Corvino found his confessional voice at “Dean Johnson’s Reading for Filth,” recounting his youth as an object of longing. Under a pseudonym, he blogged advice for rentboy.com (now shuttered by the Feds), appeared in Dan Savage’s podcast, and contributed to the anthology Johns, Marks, Tricks and Chickenhawks. Under his government name, he’s written an account of his family's relationship to Marilyn Monroe for Salon, an appreciation of Blondie for ImageOutWrite, and an essay on kink for the Rumpus. His short stories have appeared in the journals Jonathan and Chelsea Station. He’s participated in live storytelling for RISK!, is the 2015 recipient of the Christopher Hewitt Award for Fiction, and a finalist in the 2017 Saints and Sinners Short Fiction contest.
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