“Drowned Butterfly” by Gabino Iglesias

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The pungent scent of alcohol and vomit is the first thing to greet Gabino as he awakens from his drunken stupor. The day is dark with rain falling from the sky, and he hurries to wash off the signs of his previous evening. With the weather so awful, he knows the beach will be empty. This is his chance. He can finally have some time alone to formulate his ever-jumbled thoughts into words. In theory, he is a writer, but nothing ever comes out the way he wants. Some time alone on the beach could be just the solution he has been looking for, but he is not the only one seeking solitude on the gray beach. A woman sits in rain-soaked clothes watching the choppy waves…

Drowned Butterfly

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About the Author
Gabino Iglesias is an author and professional book reviewer living in Austin, TX. He is the author of GUTMOUTH, HUNGRY DARKNESS, and ZERO SAINTS. His reviews have appeared in Electric Literature, The Rumpus, Entropy, HorrorTalk, Mosaic Magazine, Marginalia, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, and many other print and online venues. His latest novel, ZERO SAINTS, was optioned for film, nominated for the Wonderland Book Award, and will be translated and published in Spain in 2017.
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