“Desires of Houses” by Haddayr Copley-Woods

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Unaware to its occupants, the house revels at the merest touch of the woman, feeling the exquisite touch of her heels, her tongue pulling at the light cord. As the man ignores and growls at her, the house wishes it could take his place.

Desires of Houses

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About the Author
Haddayr Copley-Woods is a scifi/fantasy writer, radio commentator, and essayist with pieces and performances in places such as Minnesota Public Radio, Apex, Story Club Minneapolis, Science Fiction & Fantasy, and Best American Erotica. Her fiction, dark fantasy and horror short stories, has appeared in or received Honorable Mentions in several best-of anthologist. Her radio commentaries, essays, and spoken-word performances cover disability issues, community, queerness, and politics. She also writes the advice column “Bitter Butch” at bitterempire.com. She lives with her weird, wonderful, unconventional and sprawling family in Minneapolis.
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