Demure by Molly Tanzer, short story book cover artwork

“Demure” by Molly Tanzer

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She has orchestrated the two of them back to the hotel room, mixing cocktails as they make out on the bed. Crawling between them with the drinks, she wonders if she can get them drunk enough to include her.


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About the Author
Molly Tanzer is the author of forthcoming novel Creatures of Will and Temper (November 2017) as well as Vermilion, The Pleasure Merchant, and the British Fantasy and Wonderland Book Award-nominated collection-cum-mosaic novel A Pretty Mouth. Her short fiction has appeared in Lightspeed Magazine, Nightmare Magazine, and Transcendent: The Year’s Best Transgender and Genderqueer Speculative Fiction, as well as many other locations. Her editorial projects include Congress Magazine, which publishes thoughtful erotica; she is also the co-editor of Swords v Cthulhu with Jesse Bullington, as well as the forthcoming Mixed Up! with Nick Mamatas (October 2017). She lives in Longmont, CO.
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