Dear Owner of This 1972 Ford Crew Cab Pickup by Desirina Boskovich, short story book cover artwork

“Dear Owner of This 1972 Ford Crew Cab Pickup” by Desirina Boskovich

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She leaves notes attached to his windshield: Remember me? He takes no notice, crumples them up, throws them onto the floor of his truck. She just wants some sleep; her mother in the hospital, exhausted and worried, mounting medical bills. But he won't stop revving his engine at 3am, keeping her awake. Something has to be done. He has to understand how this feels. She has to make him understand.

Dear Owner of This 1972 Ford Crew Cab Pickup

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About the Author
Desirina Boskovich’s short fiction has been published in F&SF, Clarkesworld, Lightspeed, Nightmare, Kaleidotrope, PodCastle, Drabblecast, and anthologies such as The Way of the Wizard, Tomorrow's Cthulhu, What the #@&% Is That?, and The Apocalypse Triptych. Her nonfiction pieces on music, literature, and culture have appeared in Lightspeed, Weird Fiction Review, Huffington Post, Wonderbook, and The Steampunk Bible. She is also the editor of It Came From the North: An Anthology of Finnish Speculative Fiction (Cheeky Frawg, 2013), and, together with Jeff VanderMeer, co-author of The Steampunk User’s Manual (Abrams Image, 2014). Find her online at
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