“Or Current Resident” by Alexandra Renwick

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Lula has everything planned perfectly. Every week day, at precisely the same time, she watches her post-man from the safety of her house. With the stained-glass window separating them, she is free to dream about his muscular tan hands roaming her body. That is until the day he rings the doorbell. He is just as perfect up close as from the careful distance she has always kept, and she cannot stop herself from jumping into his arms. She just isn’t sure how he is going to react. Life isn’t a porno, after all.

Or Current Resident

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About the Author
Alexandra Renwick has written dozens of stories under various iterations of her name. Her fiction has been translated into nine languages and adapted to audio and stage. A dual US/Canadian citizen, she splits her time between Portland, Austin, and Ottawa. More at alexcrenwick.com.
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