negative image centipede coming out of human mouth

“Centipede Heartbeat” by Caspian Gray

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For Lisa, life is becoming unbearable. The infestation of creepy crawling centipedes is enough to drive her insane. Now they’ve managed to crawl into Joette’s heart and Lisa is willing to do whatever it takes to save the woman she loves. Drione Dust seems to be just what Lisa needs. Tasteless and odorless, the centipedes won’t know what hit them. After all, the packaging said it is “safe”. As the dust works its toxic magic, Joette becomes ill. Is her suffering worth it or has Lisa gone way too far?

Centipede Heartbeat

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About the Author
Caspian Gray is a used car salesman who has previously worked as a funeral director’s apprentice, a pet nutritionist, an English teacher in Japan, a Japanese teacher in America, and a crystal healing “expert” in a head shop. He currently lives in Columbus, Ohio, where he shares a home with a tall man and a small dachshund.
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