huge hog, huge testicles

“Boar Taint” by Bonnie Jo Campbell

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Jill and Ernie have been married for a year and a half. They seem to manage just fine, but Jill may be way in over head with the recent scheme to make a little extra cash for the couple’s failing farm. An ad at the grocery store promises a boar for $25. It’s just too good to be true. Stepping out in faith and maybe desperation, Jill makes the trip to Ann Arbor to get her farm saving hog. Fighting through self-doubt and fear of yet another failure, Jill is determined to make it as a farmer, no matter the cost.

Boar Taint

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About the Author
BONNIE JO CAMPBELL is the author of the story collection Mothers, Tell Your Daughters (W.W. Norton) and the bestselling novel Once Upon a River. She was a National Book Award finalist and National Book Critics Circle Award finalist for her collection of stories, American Salvage, as well as a Guggenheim Fellow.
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