Balancing Act by Bobbie Ann Mason, short story book cover artwork

“Balancing Act” by Bobbie Ann Mason

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An elderly woman who is quite active seems unable to seek simple assistance for balance issues when climbing mountains or explore other groups without realizing some things about the world around her. People are either asleep or trying to compartmentalize her, as if age and pursuits make her some sort of strange anomaly. What follows is a humorous observation of the world around her that is equal parts indictment and battle cry on how age is not on this woman's mind, no matter how much everybody else talks about it.

Balancing Act

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About the Author
She has written four other collections of stories and the novels "Feather Crowns" and "An Atomic Romance." Her most recent novel is "The Girl in the Blue Beret," about World War II and the way it is remembered. She is a member of PEN, the Authors Guild, and the Fellowship of Southern Writers.
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