“Bleeding Man” by Rusty Barnes

Kraj took a knee, and the aluminum baseball bat swooshed past his head and clanged loudly when it hit the steel street sign. The bat buzz pain took the swinger by surprise. He…

“Two Grand” by Rusty Barnes

When you’re a small-time crook like Kraj, the only thing that might brighten your day is the woman of your dreams being taken hostage.

“Nights In Paradise” by Rusty Barnes

The passion in their marriage is dormant, and they’re looking for ways to erupt in all the wrong places.

“O Saddam!” by Rusty Barnes

Would you believe Saddam could be selling hot nuts on a side stall on Boston? There’s only one woman who knows.

“Harry, Giselle, Joyce” by Rusty Barnes

They had only a short time together, but enough time to build a love that won’t die with him.

“Monongahela Run” by Rusty Barnes

Kraj is on mission to find the cocaine that has been stolen from his boss, Tricky Ricky. The drugs are hidden somewhere along the water’s edge of the Monongahela Run, and the …