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“Arbeitskraft” by Nick Mamatas

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Karl Marx died before his opus was complete, before he could forestall the uprising of the machines in this new 19th century steam-powered world. Factory owner Friedrich Engels has a plan that will allow Marx to finish it from his grave by means of a certain engine. Meanwhile, the proletarians of bourgeois England are fighting a battle against the Fabians, and the Fabians will do everything in their power to stop Engels before the engine is complete. Though he grasped the significance of Marx’s composition, he isn’t prepared for the terrors he’ll encounter on his journey to save the working class.


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About the Author
Nick Mamatas is the author of several novels, including The Last Weekend and I Am Providence. His short fiction has appeared in Best American Mystery Stories, Year's Best Science Fiction & Fantasy, New Haven Review, and many other books and journals. An anthologist as well, Nick co-edited the ghost story anthology Haunted Legends and the cocktail-themed Mixed Up!
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