“Ape In The Ring” by Douglas Ford

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Caleb drags his son, Ray, to the carnival each year in search of the sideshow where his own father defeated the ape in the ring. It was a long time ago, no one believes him, and the sideshows is long gone – or is it now too disturbing to let just anyone in?

Ape In The Ring

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About the Author
Douglas Ford lives and works on the west coast of Florida, just off an exit made famous by a Jack Ketchum short story. His weird, dark fiction has appeared in Dark Moon Digest, The Horror Zine, Weird City, as well as other small press publications. His most recent work has appeared in anthologies published by Big Pulp and A Murder of Storytellers, along with the multi-media e-zine, Cracked Eye. He lives with his wife who gives him loving support and four cats who merely tolerate him.
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